A. F100A Fire Alarm Panels

A1. NZS4512:2003 / 2010

F100AF-3F100A FS 2 Loop 600mm Panel 1.2A PSUN/A
F100AR-3F100A RS 2 Loop 600mm Panel 1.2A PSUN/A
F100ATF-3F100A FS 2 Loop 900mm Panel 4A PSUN/A
F100ATR-3F100A RS 2 Loop 900mm Panel 4A PSUN/A
F100ADF-3F100A FS 2 Loop 900x800mm Double Cab 4A PSUN/A
F100ADR-3F100A RS 2 Loop 900x800mm Double Cab 4A PSUN/A
F100P2LBF100A 2 Loop Extender BoardN/AN/AN/A

B. F120A Fire Alarm Panels

B1. NZS4512:2003 / 2010

F120AF-3F120A FS 2 Loop 900mm PanelN/A
F120AR-3F120A RS 2 Loop 900mm PanelN/A
F120AFDC-3F120A FS 2 Loop 900x800mm Double CabinetN/A
F120ARDC-3F120A RS 2 Loop 900x800mm Double CabinetN/A
F120A-28UNZF120A 2 Loop Panel in 28U Rack Cab no PSUN/A
F120A-40UNZF120A 2 Loop Panel in 40U Rack Cab (White), no PSUN/A
F120P2LMBF120A 2 Loop Driver, Mini Board, V1.16N/AN/A

C. F120/F100 Accessories

C1. F100/F120 Modules

F100LR-3AA Loop Responder Board 8 I/PN/A
F100LRAA Loop Responder Board 8 I/P :1997
F100ZIPBAA Loop Responder 8 Way Opto-isolated IP BoardN/AN/A
F100LRCAA Loop Responder CaseN/AN/AN/A
F100LRUAA Loop Relay Board 4 RelaysN/A
AM-3AA Type 5 Apartment Module - Non Hush
AMH-3AA Type 5 Apartment Module with Hush Button
AMRHRemote Hush Button
8SAAIBAA Isolator Board - 8 SpurN/A
ITMIsolate Timer ModuleN/A

C2. System Sensor Modules

M500RAA Relay Module (Volt Free C/O contacts)N/A
M500SAA Relay Module with monitored outputN/A
M500MBM500MB Monitor Module A.A. (equiv. M500ME)N/A
M501MAA Mini Monitor / Input ModuleN/A
M503MEAA Micro Monitor / Input Module with LED outputN/A
M210E-CZRM210E-CZR, Conventional Zone Module 200S (replacement for M512ME)N/AN/AN/A
ISO524-1AA Short Circuit Isolator Unit ISO524-1N/AN/A
M500XAA Zone Isolator ModuleN/A
SMB500AA Mounting Box 120x120mmN/AN/AN/A
M201E-240AA Euro 240Vac Relay Module with isolatorN/A
M220EAA Euro Dual Input ModuleN/A
M221EAA Euro Dual Input + Single Relay Output ModuleN/A
M500DMRAA Dual Input + Dual Relay Output ModuleN/A
M200E-SMBAA Euro Module Surface Mount BoxN/A

C3. Fire Fan Controls

F100PFCRAA Addressable Fan Control Relay in 130 x 130 x 75 enclosureN/A
F100PFCUAA Fan Control UnitN/A
F100PFCRSTAA Fan Control Reset UnitN/AN/AN/A
F100PFFSWAA Firemans Fan Switch UnitN/A

C4. Networking

NETCARDNetwork Card - F100/F120 Panels/LED MimicsN/AN/A
NETCD-NCUNetwork Card for Network Control / Display UnitN/A
NETCUNZNetwork Control Unit (NZ) in F120 Full Funct. MimiN/A
NULLMOD9P_2M9-pin null-modem cable (F120/F100AVR prog.), 2mN/AN/AN/A

C5. High Level Interfaces

GPIB-PF100GP I/F Board with Printer S/W for F100N/AN/AN/A
GPIB-NPF100GP I/F Board with Nursecall Pager S/W for F100N/AN/AN/A
GPIB-NAF100GP I/F Board with Nurse Call S/W (Austco MKII) for F100N/AN/AN/A
GPIB-MF100GP I/F Board for Modbus/Honeywell for F100N/AN/AN/A
GPIB-PF120GP I/F Board with Printer S/W for F120N/AN/AN/A
GPIB-NPF120GP I/F Board with Nursecall Pager S/W for F120N/AN/AN/A
GPIB-NAF120GP I/F Board with Nurse Call S/W (Austco MKII) for F120N/AN/AN/A
GPIB-MF120GP I/F Board for Modbus/Honeywell for F120N/AN/AN/A
GPIBCCase & Connectors for GPIB boardN/AN/AN/A
SPIB-SGDAPSpecial Purpose Interface Board - SGDAPN/AN/AN/A
NETGATEEthernet Gateway CardN/AN/AN/A
FIREMAPFireMap Graphics SoftwareN/AN/A
MODEMDynalink Data ModemN/AN/AN/A
MOXAKMoxa Ethernet Module Kit incl lead & null modem cableN/AN/AN/A

C6. Miscellaneous

RLY24VAux Panel Relay 1x 2 pole 4A 24VN/AN/AN/A
R2H24VDual Relay, slugged with Isolate, 2 x 4A C/O 24V (PCF100R2H)N/AN/AN/A
ZMB24VZone Bell Monitor Board, 24VN/AN/A
8WCOMR8 Way Open Collector Relay BoardN/A

D. F16e Fire Alarm Panels

D1. NZS4512:2003 / 2010

F16ELFF16e FS 8cct 600mm PanelN/A
F16ELRF16e RS 8cct 600mm PanelN/A
F16EMFF16e FS 8cct 410mm Mini PanelN/A
F16EMRF16e RS 8cct 410mm Mini PanelN/A
F16ETFF16e FS 8cct 900mm PanelN/A
F16ETRF16e RS 8cct 900mm PanelN/A
F16EXF16e 8cct Extn. Complete with LED displayN/AN/AN/A

D2. NZS4512:1997

F16ELF-97F16e FS 8cct 600mm Panel :1997N/AN/A
F16ELR-97F16e RS 8cct 600mm Panel :1997N/AN/A
F16EMF-97F16e FS 8cct 410mm Mini Panel :1997N/AN/A
F16EMR-97F16e RS 8cct 410mm Mini Panel :1997N/AN/A
F16ETR-97F16e RS 8cct 900mm Panel :1997N/AN/A
F16ETF-97F16e FS 8cct 900mm panel:1997N/AN/A
F16EX-97F16e 8cct Extn. Complete with LED display :1997N/AN/AN/A

E. F16 Fire Alarm Panels

E1. NZS4512:1997

F16LRF16 RS 8cct (12V) 600mm Panel:1997 - 12 VoltN/A
F16LFF16 FS 8cct (12V) 600mm Panel:1997 - 12 VoltN/A
F16MRF16 RS 8cct 410mm Mini Panel:1997 - 12 VoltN/A
F16MFF16 FS 8cct 410mm Mini Panel:1997 - 12 VoltN/A

F. F1/F4 Fire Alarm Panels

F1. NZS4512:2003 / 2010

F1-3F1, 1cct Panel - 12 VoltN/A
F1-3EAF1, 1cct Panel with 20W Evac Amp - 12 VoltN/A
F4FS-3F4 Panel Front Service - 12 VoltN/A
F4RS-3F4 Panel Rear Service - 12 VoltN/A
F4FS-3EAF4 Front Service Panel with 20W Evac - 12 VoltN/A
F4RS-3EAF4 Rear Service Panel with 20W Evac - 12 VoltN/A
F4AUXRLYV2F4 Auxiliary Relay Board - Large F4 Case - 12 VoltN/AN/A
F4FS-3EAT5F4 FS Type 5 c/w 20W Evac & Sound Cont Bd & Hush - 12 VoltN/A
F4RS-3EAT5F4 RS Type 5 c/w 20W Evac & Sound Cont Bd & Hush - 12 VoltN/A

F2. NZS4512:1997

F1F1, 1cct Panel :1997 - 12 VoltN/AN/A
F4FSF4 Panel Front Service :1997 - 12 VoltN/AN/A
F4RSF4 Panel Rear Service :1997 - 12 VoltN/AN/A

G. Mimics & Cabinets

G1. LCD Mimics

F100AM-3F100A LCD Full Function MimicN/AN/A
F100AMM-3F100A LCD Mini Mimic
F100AMMR-3F100A LCD Mini Mimic c/w Reset
F100AMMRZ-3F100A LCD Mini Mimic Zone Select, Alarm Only
F100AMMF100A LCD Mini Mimic Without NEXT
F100AMMEF100A LCD Mini Mimic Flush Mtg Escutcheon, PI436 Issue 3N/A
F120AM-3F120A LCD Full Function MimicN/AN/A

G2. LED Mimics

F100PDB1212 Way Smart LED Display Bd for F100, F120, F16EN/A
F100PDB8 Way LED Display Ext Board for F100, F120, F16EN/A
F100ZDRLY8 Way Display Relay Extender Board 24VN/AN/A
L485LACRS485 LED Address Controller for F100, F120N/AN/A
LAC12WLED Zone Address Offset for 12-Way LED BdN/AN/AN/A
48WOC-IFRS485 to 48 Way Open Collector O/P BoardN/AN/A

G3. Cabinets

EC410FS410mm Cab & Gear Plate FS + indexN/AN/AN/A
EC410RS410mm Cab & Gear Plate RS + indexN/AN/AN/A
EC410410mm Equipment Cabinet & GPN/AN/AN/A
EC600FS600mm Cab & Gear Plate FS + indexN/AN/AN/A
EC600RS600mm Cab & Gear Plate RS + indexN/AN/AN/A
EC600600mm Equipment Cabinet & GPN/AN/AN/A
EC900FS900mm Cabinet FS + IndexN/AN/AN/A
EC900RS900mm Cabinet RS + IndexN/AN/AN/A
EC900900mm Equipment Cabinet & GPN/AN/AN/A
EC900800FS900x800mm Double Cabinet FS + indexN/AN/AN/A
EC900800RS900x800mm Double Cabinet RS + indexN/AN/AN/A
EC900800900x800mm Equipment Cabinet & GPN/AN/AN/A

G4. Slimline Mimic Cabinets (78mm deep)

SLCABMPFSSlim MPFS Mimic Cab+Ind, 438w x 426h x 48dN/AN/A
SLCABMPRSSlim MPRS Mimic Cab+Ind, 438w x 426h x 48dN/AN/A
SLCABLPFSSlim LPFS Mimic Cab+Ind, 438w x 616h x 48dN/AN/A
SLCABLPRSSlim LPRS Mimic Cab+Ind, 438w x 616h x 48dN/AN/A
SLCABELFSSlim Extra Lge Mimic Cab+Ind, FS 635w x 650h x78dN/AN/A
SLCABELRSSlim Extra Lge Mimic Cab+Ind, RS 635w x 650h x 78dN/AN/A
SWSM0324/2Key Switch 2P2T Ch (Evacuation & EBCO to NZS4512:2003, Key Non Removable)N/AN/AN/A

H. Extinguishing Agent Release Control Products

H1. Extinguishing Agent Release Control Panels

F100AF-ARCF100A 2 Loop, Front Service, with Agent Release Controller, no Manual RSN/A
F100AF-ARC+MRSF100A 2 Loop, Front Service, w/Agent Release controller + Manual Release SwitchN/A
F100ATF-2ARC+2MRSF100A 2 Loop 900mm Cab. FS with Two Agent Release Contollers + MRS'sN/A
F16ELF-ARCF16e 8cct LPFS 600mm panel with Agent Release Controller, no MRSN/A
F16ELF-2ARCF16e 8cct LPFS 600mm panel with Two Agent Release controllers, no MRS'sN/A
LCSLocal Control Station for Agent Release Controller, surface mountN/A
AGENTRELEASECAgent Release Controller printboard assembly V101N/A
ARCSIAgent Release Solenoid InterfaceN/AN/AN/A

H2. Audio Visual Products

AVS-CAudio Visual Sign complete with Countdown moduleN/A
AVDC-WSFD-RA/V Sign Countdown Fascia, Warning Sliding Fire Door, RedN/A
AVDC-DNEGD-RA/V Sign, Countdown Fascia, Do Not Enter, Gas Discharged, RedN/A
AVDC-FDC-RA/V Sign, Countdown Fascia, Fire Door Closing, RedN/A
AVDC-FADNE-RA/V Sign, Countdown Fascia, Fire Alarm, Do Not Enter, RedN/A
AVDC-FAEA-RA/V Sign, Countdown Fascia, Fire Alarm, Evacuate Area, RedN/A
AVD-DNEGD-RA/V Sign Fascia, Do Not Enter, Gas Discharged, RedN/A
AVD-ESI-AA/V Sign Fascia, Extinguishing System Inoperative, AmberN/A
AVS-BAudio Visual SignN/A
AVD-FA-RA/V Sign Fascia, Fire Alarm, RedN/A
AVD-FDC-RA/V Sign Fascia, Fire Door Closing, RedN/A
AVD-FADNE-RA/V Sign Fascia, Fire Alarm, Do Not Enter, RedN/A
AVD-FAEA-RA/V Sign Fascia, Fire Alarm, Evacuate Area, RedN/A
AVD-WSFD-RA/V Sign Fascia, Warning Sliding Fire Door, RedN/A
AVD-CFDNE-RA/V Sign, Fascia, Carpark Fire, Do Not Enter, RedN/A
AVD-FAI-BA/V Sign, Fascia, Fire Alarm Isolated, BlueN/A
AVD-FAO-BA/V Sign, Fascia, Fire Alarm Off, BlueN/A
AVD-GD-BA/V Sign, Fascia, Gas Discharged, BlueN/A
AVD-GR-BA/V Sign Fascia, Gas Released, BlueN/A
AVD-FDI-BA/V Sign, Fascia, Fire Detectors, Isolated, BlueN/A
AVD-FPI-AA/V Sign, Fascia, Fire Panel, Isolated, AmberN/A
AVD-FPI-BA/V Sign, Fascia, Fire Panel Isolated, BlueN/A
AVS-WPAudio Visual Sign, IP66 weatherproof versionN/A
AVD-ESI-A-WPA/V Sign Fascia, Extinguishing System Inoperative, Amber, WeatherproofN/A
AVD-FADNE-R-WPA/V Sign Fascia, Fire Alarm, Do Not Enter, Red, WeatherproofN/A
AVD-FAEA-R-WPA/V Sign Fascia, Fire Alarm, Evacuate Area, Red, weatherproofN/A
AVSCMCountdown Module for Audio Visual SignN/A

I. System Sensor Analogue Addressable Detectors

I1. Analogue Addressable 200 Series Detectors

1251BPIAA Ion Smoke Detector excl BaseN/A
1251BPI+BAA Ion Smoke Detector with BaseN/A
2251BPIAA Photo Smoke Detector excl BaseN/A
2251BPI+BAA Photo Smoke Detector with BaseN/A
2251TMBPIAA Acclimate Photo-Thermal Multi Sensor excl BaseN/A
2251TMBPI+BAA Acclimate Photo-Thermal Multi Sensor with BaseN/A
22051TLE-34-IVAA Photo-Thermal-IR Multi Sensor excl BaseN/A
22051TLE-34-IV+BAA Photo-Thermal-IR Multi Sensor with BaseN/A
2251CTLE-34-IVAA CO-Photo-Thermal-IR Multi Sensor excl baseN/A
2251CTLE-34-IV+BAA CO-Photo-Thermal-IR Multi Sensor with BaseN/A
5251BPIAA 57C Heat Detector excl BaseN/A
5251BPI+BAA 57C Heat Detector with BaseN/A
5251RBPIAA ROR Heat Detector excl BaseN/A
5251RBPI+BAA ROR Heat Detector with BaseN/A
7251AA Pinnacle Laser Smoke Detector excl BaseN/A
7251+BAA Pinnacle Laser Smoke Detector with BaseN/A
5251B-WPAA 57C weatherproof heat detector including special BaseN/A
5251RB-WPAA ROR weatherproof heat detector including special BaseN/A
CP500Handheld programmer for AA weatherproof detectorsN/A

I2. Analogue Addressable Bases

B501AA BaseN/A
B524IEFT-1AA Base with IsolatorN/A
B524RTEAA Base with Change Over RelayN/AN/AN/A
B524HTRAA Heated BaseN/A
BCK-200BBlack Kit-200 (Supplied as 10 pack)*N/AN/A

I3. System Sensor Analogue Addressable Duct Detection

AADUCTKIT AA Duct Kit (DNR+2251BPI, no Tube,no Relay)N/A
DNRAA Duct Housing, no Relay, no Detector, no TubeN/A
DNRWAA Watertight Duct Housing, no Relay, no Detector*N/A

I4. System Sensor Analogue Addressable Beam Detection

6500S-34AA Smoke Beam Det (Euro) c/w Reflector (5-70m)N/A

J. System Sensor Conventional Detectors

J1. Conventional Detectors 100 Series & 400 Series

2151BPILow Profile Photo Detector excl BaseN/A
2151BPI+BLow Profile Photo Detector with BaseN/A

J2. Conventional 300 Series

2351E300 Series - Low Profile Photo Detector excl BaseN/A
2351E+B300 Series - Low Profile Photo Detector with BaseN/A
2351TEM300 Series - Low Profile Photo+Heat excl BaseN/A
2351TEM+B300 Series - Low Profile Photo+Heat with BaseN/A
4351E300 Series - 78 C Fixed Temp Heat Detector excl BaN/A
4351E+B300 Series - 78 C Fixed Temp Heat Detector + BaseN/A
5351E300 Series - 58 C + Rate of Rise Heat Detector excN/A
5351E+B300 Series - 58 C + Rate of Rise Heat Det + BaseN/A
5351TE300 Series - 58 C Fixed Temp Heat Detector excl BaN/A
5351TE+B300 Series - 58 C Fixed Temp Heat Detector + BaseN/A
S300RPTU300 Series - Remote Hand Held Programming Unit*N/AN/A
S300RTU300 Series - Remote Laser Test Unit*N/AN/A
S300SAT300 Series - Remote Satellite Test Unit*N/AN/A

J3. Conventional Bases

B401Base for conventional Smoke DetectorsN/AN/A
B401RSpecial B401 Base with 470 ohm series resistorN/AN/AN/A
B401DGDeep Base for Conventional Detector*N/AN/AN/A
B312RLConventional Latching Relay Base 12V*N/A
B324RLConventional Latching Relay Base 24V (4 Wire Only)*N/A
B312NLConv Relay Base Non-Latching 2 wire+C/O 12V*N/A
SMK400ESurface Mount for B401 & B501 Base, (round 152mm)N/AN/AN/A
WB-1AP-IVWet Base Shrouds*N/AN/A

J4. Conventional i3 Series

2W-Bi3 Series Photo Detector 2 WireN/A
2WTA-Bi3 Series Photo/Heat Detector + Sounder 2 WireN/A
2WT-Bi3 Series Photo/Heat Detector 2 Wire*N/A
4W-Bi3 Series Photo Detector 4 WireN/A
4WT-Bi3 Series Photo/Heat Detector 4 WireN/A
4WTR-Bi3 Series Photo/Heat Detector + Relay 4 WireN/A
4WTAR-Bi3 Series Photo/Heat Detector+Sounder+Relay 4 WireN/A

J5. Conventional Beam Detection

6500RSConventional Euro Smoke Beam c/w Refl. (5-70m)N/A
6500RSCIConventional Beam InterfaceN/AN/A
6500RTS-KEYRemote Beam Test StationN/AN/A
BEAMLRKSmoke Beam Long Range Reflector (70-100m)N/AN/A
BEAMMMKSmoke Beam / Reflector multi mounting kitN/AN/A
BEAMSMKSmoke Beam Surface mounting kitN/AN/A
BEAMHKUSA Heater Kit for 6500x Beam Detector*N/AN/A
BEAMHKRUSA Heater Kit for 6500x Beam Reflector*N/AN/A

J7. Conventional Duct Detection

D2Conv duct housing + 2151 detector, no relay, no tube*N/A
DST1Sampling Tube for up to 0.3m duct*N/AN/AN/A
DST1.5Sampling Tube for 0.3 - 0.6m duct*N/AN/AN/A
DST3Sampling Tube for 0.6 - 1.2m ductN/AN/AN/A
DST5Sampling Tube for 1.2 - 2.4m duct*N/AN/AN/A
DST10Sampling Tube for 2.4 - 3.7m duct*N/AN/AN/A
D4120WConv 4 Wire Photo Duct Det. 24VAC/DC, w/relay, no Tube, waterproof*N/A
D4120Conv 4 Wire Photo Duct Detector 24VAC/DC, w/relay, no TubeN/A

K. Hazardous Area Products

K1. Analogue Addressable IS detection

IST200EInterface module for 22051EISEN/A
22051EISEAA Photoelectric IS Smoke Detector*N/A
Y72221Galvanic Isolator for IST200*N/A

K2. Conventional IS detection

ISGAIFNZGalvanic Isolator InterfaceN/A
ISBMTL787SInt Safety Barrier Det MTL 787S Red : 28V 300RN/AN/A
1151EISE+BLow Pro Ion Intrins Safe c/w BaseN/A
1151EISELow Pro Ion Intrins Safe excl BaseN/A
ISMTL5561Galvanic Isolator MTL5561N/AN/AN/A
5451EISEHeat+Rate of Rise Intrins. Safe excl Base*N/A
HDENCAPBLUEEncapsulated Heat Detector Blue - Non Ind :1997N/AN/A
HDENCAPYEncapsulated Heat Detector Yellow - Non Ind :1997N/AN/A

K3. IS Sounder Circuits

ISBMTL765Int Safety Barrier Evac MTL 765AC Grey 15V 100RN/AN/A
A105N-IS105dBA ATEX Approved (Zones 0-2, GpIIC) IS Sounder*N/A

K4. EX 100V Line Speakers

E2XL15EG100VATEX Approved loudspeaker, 15W 100V line*N/A
BEXDL15D100V15W 100V line L/Spkr Flame & Dust ignition proof EEx d IIC T4*N/A
BEXDL15E100V15W 100V line L/Spkr Flame & Dust ignition proof EEx de IIC T4*N/A

L. Sundry Detection

L1. Sundry Detection

PC614BBase for 614CH C.O.+ Heat Det.N/AN/AN/A
PC614614CH Conventional C.O. + Heat Fire DetectorN/AN/AN/A
DETBDetector Bracket & GrommetN/AN/AN/A
DETWGHDetector Wire Guard (Heat): 90D x 45 HN/AN/AN/A
DETWGSSmoke Detector Wire Guard: 120D x 90HN/AN/AN/A
DETWGSLGSmoke Detector Wire Guard Large: 200D x 85HN/AN/AN/A
DETSTI-8100Smoke Detector Guard Polycarb STI-8100N/AN/AN/A
DETSTI-8200SSSmoke Detector Guard Stainless STI-8200-SS*N/AN/AN/A
DETSTI-9713Smoke Detector Guard, Steel Web, STI-9713N/A
CCCIConventional Clean Contact InterfaceN/AN/A

M. Pertronic Thermal Detection

M1. NZS4512:2003 / 2010

IHDB-VIndicating Heat Detector, BlueN/A
IHDBE-VEncapsulated Ind Heat Detector Blue, 57CN/A
IHDBR-VInd Heat Detector Blue c/w Remote O/P, 57CN/A
IHDY-VInd Heat Detector Yellow, 77CN/A
IHDYE-VEncapsulated Ind Heat Detector Yellow, 77CN/A
IHDYR-VInd Heat Detector Yellow c/w Remote O/P, 77CN/A
IHDBEK-VEncapsulated Ind. Heat Detector Kit Blue 57CN/AN/A
IHDBLKEK-VEncapsulated Ind Heat Detector Kit Black 125 CN/AN/A
IHDBEAR-VEncap. Ind Heat Detector, Alkaline Resistant, Blue 57C, V versionN/A
IHDYEAR-VEncap. Ind Heat Detector, Alkaline Resistant, Yellow 77C, V versionN/A
DETREMPertronic Remote LED IndicatorN/AN/A

M2. NZS4512:1997

HDB-VHeat Detector Blue, 57 C Non Ind : 1997N/AN/A
HDBE-VEncapsulated Heat Detector Blue Non Ind : 1997N/AN/A
HDY-VHeat Detector Yellow, 77 C Non Ind : 1997N/AN/A
HDYE-VEncapsulated Heat Detector Yellow Non Ind : 1997N/AN/A
HDBLKE-VEncapsulated Heat Detector Black Non Ind : 1997N/AN/A

N. Pertronic Callpoints

N1. NZS4512:2003 / 2010

CPPIN-3TConventional Ind. MCP - TestableN/A
CPPIN-3TWPConventional Ind. MCP Testable Weather ProofN/AN/A
CPPINT-EConventional Ind. MCP in Euro (KAC) style enclosureN/AN/A

M2. NZS4512:1997

CPPConventional MCP with PDL switch :1997N/AN/A
CPP-TWPConventional MCP,testable, weather proof :1997N/AN/AN/A

N3. Analogue Addressable

AAMCPTAA Manual Call Point - TestableN/AN/A
AAMCPT-EAA MCP in Euro (KAC) style enclosureN/AN/A
AAMCP-TWPAA Manual Call Point - Testable weather proofN/AN/A
AAMCPT-YGRWPAddressable MCP with test Key, Yellow, Gas Release, Weatherproof*N/AN/A
AAMCPT-WHWPAddressable MCP with Test Key, White, no screening, Weatherproof*N/AN/A

N4. Sundry

CPTSTPRFCall Point Stopper Flush, STI-1100N/A
CPTSTPRHTRCall Point Stopper II Heat Enc STI-1200A-HTR240N/A
CPTSTPRSCall Point Stopper Surface, STI-1130N/A
CPTSTPRWPCall Point Stopper, Weatherproof, STI-3150N/A

O. Evacuation Products

O1. Amplifiers

EVAC250W24VEvac Amplifier 250W24V (no tone generator) A1936N/AN/AN/A
EVAC120W24VEvac Amplifer 120W24V (no tone generator), A1930AN/AN/AN/A
EVAC50W24VEvac Amplifier 50W 24VN/A
EVAC20W24VEvac Amplifier 20W 24VN/A
EVAC20W12VEvac Amplifier 20W 12VN/A
EVAC50PREAPre-Amp (Mic I/P) for EVAC50W24V AmplifierN/A
EVACGEN-NZEvac Tone Generator NZS4512N/AN/A
EVACHMICHand Held Microphone C0334 w/- Chassis Mtg P0824N/AN/AN/A
EVACDMICDesk Microphone c/w chassis mtg socketN/AN/A
PREAMP-RBExternal Microphone signal boost Pre Amp ( Altro : A2055)N/AN/A
WIPPHONEWIP Phone GD0001 (Altr A2096)N/AN/AN/A
WIPBOXWIP Phone Surface Mount EnclosureN/AN/AN/A

O2. Speakers

PSS5PSS5, 4" Ceiling Speaker+Line TX, 0.33/0.66/1.25/2.5WN/A
PSS5-LPPSS5, 4" Ceiling Speaker+Line TX, Low Profile, 0.33/0.66/1.25/2.5W/5WN/A
PSS5-LPSMEPSS5-LP Speaker Surface Mount Enclosure, V4N/A
PSS3PSS3, 3" Ceiling Speaker+Line TX, 0.33/0.66/1.25/3WN/AN/AN/A
PSS3-LPPSS3, 3W Ceiling Speaker+Line TX, Low Profile, 0.33/0.66/1.25/3WN/AN/AN/A
PSS3-LPSMEPSS3-LP Speaker Surface Mount Enclosure, Issue 4N/AN/AN/A
PSSHORNHorn Speaker+Line TX, 1W/3W @ 100VN/AN/AN/A
PSS1-RPertronic Sounder Spkr 1W Flush RedN/A
PSS1-WPertronic Sounder Spkr 1W Flush WhiteN/A
HORNSPATC10 Horn Speaker, 10W with tapped Line TXN/AN/AN/A
E2SML15Marine Grade 100V Speaker, 15W IP67 (ML15)*N/A

O3. Speaker Bases

PSSB401Pertronic Speaker with B401 Conv. BaseN/A
PSSB501Pertronic Speaker with B501 AA BaseN/A
PSSB524IEFTPertronic Speaker with B524IEFT Isolator BaseN/AN/A
PLPSSBMRSurface mtg Ring for Speaker Base, PI464, Issue 3N/AN/AN/A

O4. Pertronic Sounders

PS1-RPertronic Sounder Flush RedN/A
PS1-WPertronic Sounder Flush WhiteN/A
PS2-RPertronic Apartment Sounder Flush RedN/A
PS2-WPertronic Apartment Sounder Flush WhiteN/A
PS1400-RPertronic Sounder PA400 Tone - RedN/AN/A
PS1400-WPertronic Sounder PA400 Tone - WhiteN/AN/A
VIBARXRemote Vibrating Alarm Receiver Unit*
VIBATXRemote Vibrating Alarm Main Transmitter Unit*
VIBPADVibrating Pad with lead & 2 way plug

O5. Pertronic Sounder Bases

PSBAS2220Pertronic Sounder Base (AA B501) - AS2220N/A
PSBAS2220-ATPertronic Sounder Base with alert tone - AS2220N/A
PLPSBMRSurface Mount Ring for AS2220 Sounder, PI464 Issue 3N/AN/AN/A

O6. Bells

SSM12-6Alarm Bell 12Vdc 6 Inch (150mm )N/AN/AN/A
SSM24-6Alarm Bell 24V 6 inch (150mm)N/A

P Sundry Items

P1. Cabling

F100ZZCBL1.25mm2 Twisted Pair Cable (200m Drum)N/AN/AN/A
F100ZZCBLF1.5mm2 Twisted Pair Fire Rated Cable, 15 mins (100m drums)N/AN/AN/A
EVACCBL1.25mm2 Grey Tw Pr Evac Amp CableN/AN/AN/A
SGDCIMimic Cable Int .5mm/.2mm, 250m Dr.N/AN/AN/A
SGDCIFRSGD Cable Int. Fire Rated 50 or 100 m DrumN/AN/AN/A
SGDCESGD Ext.Cable, 0.5mm 1PR+1.13 2C Jell filledN/AN/AN/A

P2. Sprinklers

SGDBRESMDSGD Residential Sprinkler Controller MultidropN/A
WFD20Waterflow Switch 50mmN/A
WFD25Waterflow Switch 65mmN/A
WFD30Waterflow Switch 80mmN/A
WFD40Waterflow Switch 100mmN/A

P3. Power Supplies

SBPSUSchool Bell Power SupplyN/A
SBPSUTSchool Bell Power Supply with TimerN/A
24/1.3SWMPSU24V 1.3A Switch Mode PSUN/AN/A
AUX24/4PSU24V 4A Monitored PSU in BATBOX38N/A
24/12ASWMPS-MK224V 12A PSU with controller, MK2N/AN/A
24/4SWMPOffline PSU, 24V,4A (3A continuous)N/AN/A
24VCB24V Control timer for power suppliesN/A
24VCBKT24V Control board with hardware kit for Equip. CabN/A
BATBOX38Battery Box (max Bat. size 38AH),450w,315h,185dN/AN/AN/A
MAGDHPSU-MK2Magnetic Door Holder PSU MK2, 24V 5AN/AN/AN/A
VMB-12VVoltage Monitor Board 12 voltN/AN/AN/A
VMB-24VVoltage Monitor Board 24 voltN/AN/AN/A
DCPP12V.2AMains to DC Power Pk for GPIB,12V/0.3A unreg.N/AN/AN/A
SD-25B-12DC to DC Converter 24V I/P to 12V O/P @2.1AN/AN/AN/A
SD-50A-24DC to DC Converter, 12V to 24V @ 2.1AN/AN/AN/A
PBI2H-2424FDC to DC Conv 19-32V I/P to 24V O/PN/AN/AN/A

P4. Transmitters

SGD7SGD Board Version 7N/AN/A
SGD8MDSGD8 2 wire MultidropN/AN/A
SGDF16LSGD Loom Set for F16N/AN/AN/A
SGDF4/F16eLSGD Loom for F4 & F16e (70mm)N/AN/AN/A
SGDF100/120LSGD Loom for F100 or F120 (180mm)N/AN/AN/A

P5. Miscellaneous Products

WMAGDR2440Door Magnet 24V DC,45mA,40KgF (MO5411D)N/AN/A
WMAGFBDoor Magnet Floor BracketN/AN/A
SWTIMEMON200Time Switch, Monotron 200 (23571)N/AN/AN/A
SWTIMEMON300-12/24VTime Switch, Monotron 300 CS-23881 (12 or 24VAC/DC)N/AN/AN/A

X. Spare Parts

X1. F100A Fire Alarm Panels

F100ZMB-3F100A Master Board (AVR128 Micro version)N/A
F100M-256NZF100 AVR-256 NZ Masterboard, V3.11N NZS4512-2003/10N/A
F100LCDMK2NZF100LCD Display Board MK2 (Printboard +Overlay)N/A

X2. F120A Fire Alarm Panels

F120LCDMK2NZF120 MK2 Keyboard, LCD, and OverlayN/A
F120LPDC-DCF120 Loop Driver DC-DC power supplyN/AN/AN/A
F120MASTF120 Masterboard (NZ/C)N/A

X3. F100/F120 Miscellaneous

RS232T0485RS 232 to 485 AdaptorN/AN/AN/A
FISP-AVRUSB Flash In-System Programmer-FISPN/AN/A
GFB24VGas Flood Board for F100A/F120A/F16E PanelsN/AN/AN/A
USBAUSB to RS232 D9M Serial AdaptorN/AN/AN/A

X4. F16E Fire Alarm Panels

F16EXPCBF16e Extn, WITHOUT LED Display., V2.01 NZ versionN/AN/AN/A
F16ETRBF16e Telecom Relay Printboard-24VN/AN/AN/A
F16EZMB-97F16e Master Board :1997N/AN/AN/A
F16ED8F16e 8 way LED Display printb'd. V1.06N/AN/AN/A
F16EZMBF16e Master Board (NZ)N/AN/AN/A

X5. F16 Fire Alarm Panels

F16MASTFSF16 Master PCB V2.4, Front Service 1997N/AN/AN/A
F16ZMBF16 Master board, REAR Service 1997N/AN/AN/A
F16PXTNFSF16 FS 8cct Extn Bd excl. LED Bd : 1997 - 12 VoltN/AN/AN/A
F16PXTNF16 Rear Service 8cct Extension Board :1997 - 12 VoltN/AN/AN/A
F16RLYAux Panel Relay 1 x 2 pole 4A 12VN/AN/AN/A
F16R2HDual HD Rly + Isolate 1 x 2 pole 4A 12 VN/AN/AN/A
F16ZFD12F16 12-Way Front Display & LoomN/AN/AN/A
F16DRLYF16 8 way Display Relay printb'd assy, V2.01, 12VN/AN/A
F16TRBF16 Telecom Relay Board-12VN/AN/AN/A
F16ZBBF16 Zonal Bell Monitor Board, 12V versionN/AN/A
F16ZBB4WAYF16 Zonal Bell Printbd Assy 4 Way, 12V versionN/AN/AN/A
F16ZFD8F16 8-Way Front Display & LoomN/AN/AN/A

X6. F1 / F4 Fire Alarm Panels

F1LEDF1 LED Display Printboard AssyN/AN/AN/A
F1MASTERF1 Master Printboard AssyN/AN/AN/A
F4AUXRLYF4 Auxiliary Relay Board - for Small F4 CaseN/AN/A
F4LEDF4 LED Display BoardN/AN/AN/A
F4MASTFSF4 Master Board Front ServiceN/AN/AN/A
F4MASTRSF4 Master Board Rear ServiceN/AN/AN/A
F4MASTRMK1F4 RS Master Board to fit MK1 caseN/AN/AN/A
F4T5SCNTF4 Type 5 Sound Control board with HushN/A

X7. Mimic Indexes

SCINRS410Screened F16 MPRS Acrylic Index, Opal Acrylic, 366Wx350H, PI344 Issue 2N/AN/AN/A
SCINFSF4Screened F4 MKII Front Service Index, 2mm White Acrylic, 230Wx335H, PI590 Issue N/AN/AN/A
SCINRSF4Screened F4 MKII Rear Service Index, 2mm White Acrylic, 230Wx335H, PI589 Issue 2N/AN/AN/A
SCINRS600Screened Large Panel RS (600) Acrylic Ind, Opal Acrylic, 366Wx540H, PI348 IssueN/AN/AN/A
SCINRS900Screened Tall Cab.RS Ind.(F16,F100), Opal Acrylic, 366Wx840H, PI393 Issue 1N/AN/AN/A
SCINFS-W900Screened White Acrylic FS Index,Tall Panels,F100,F120+window cutout, 410Wx888H, N/AN/AN/A
SCINFS600Screened White Acrylic Ind, LPFS& SLIMM-LPFS & RS, 410Wx588H, PI350 Issue 4N/AN/AN/A
SCINFS410Screened White Acrylic Ind, MPFS, SLIMM-MPFS & RS, 410Wx398H, PI349 Issue 5N/AN/AN/A
SCINFS-W600Screened White Acrylic Index, F100 LP FS, with window cutout, 410Wx588H, PI350 IN/AN/AN/A
SCINLGSQScreened White Acrylic Index, Large Square Mimic, FS/ RS, 576Wx590H, PI523 IssueN/AN/AN/A
F100ZFINDF100A FS Acrylic Index & Window 600mmN/AN/AN/A

X8. Detection Sundry

SENS-RDRSensitivity ReaderN/A
SMTESTSmoke Detector Tester CanN/AN/AN/A
SMOKEPENSmoke Pen 6 Stick kit, code 80000N/AN/AN/A
SMOKEPRRefill Pack for Smoke Pen (6 sticks), code 80001N/AN/AN/A
MOD400RSmoke Detector TesterN/AN/AN/A
M020900Test MagnetN/AN/AN/A

X9 Pertronic Thermal Detection - old style body

IHDY-3Indicating Heat Detector Yellow, 77CN/A
IHDBE-3Encapsulated Ind Heat Detector Blue, 57CN/A
IHDYE-3Encapsulated Ind Heat Detector Yellow, 77CN/A
HDBHeat Detector Blue, 57 C - Non Ind :1997N/AN/A
HDYHeat Detector Yellow, 77 C - Non Ind :1997N/AN/A
HDBLKHeat Detector Black, 125 C - Non Ind :1997N/AN/A

Y. Spare Parts

Y1. Pertronic Callpoints

CPGTScreened Testable MCP Glass Issue 2 (score marks to rear) (Push Switch)N/AN/A
CPGScreened Callp't Glass Window (score marks to rear) (switch down arrow)N/AN/AN/A
CPPSGWScreened Callpoint "Snapglaze" Window, Switch Down, Dial 111N/AN/AN/A
CPPSGWTScreened "Snapglaze" Window for testable MCP, Issue 2, Push Switch, Dial 111N/AN/A
CPTLABCall Point Operation Label Dial 111 (for PDL switch MCP, "Break Cover, Switch DoN/AN/AN/A
CPTLABGTCall Point Operation Label - Glass, Testable ("Break Glass, Push Switch")N/AN/A
CPTLABTCall Point Operation Label , Snapglaze - Testable ("Press In, Push Switch")N/AN/A
CPSAManual Call Point, White, Snapglaze, non engravedN/AN/AN/A
CPYELLManual Call Point, Yellow, Snapglaze, non engravedN/AN/AN/A
CPPFPLMCP Flush Mounting Plate (PI437 )N/AN/AN/A
CPPSGWTWPReplacement Weatherproof 'Snapglaze' WindowN/AN/AN/A
CPPTKCall Point Test Key, PI633 Issue 6N/AN/AN/A

Y2. DBA Spares

DBAPSDBA Pressure Switch & Looms (EPS120-2)N/AN/AN/A
DBAPSYType Y DBA "Rise in Pressure" switch & looms (EPS1)N/AN/AN/A
SGDDRLYSGD DBA Display Relay Board 12/24VN/AN/AN/A
SGDBASSVPCB Assy,DBA Subsidiary Stop ValveN/AN/AN/A

Y3. Transmitters

SAFEABSAFE Transponder Adaptor BoardN/AN/AN/A
RMBResistive Modulator BoardN/AN/AN/A
RMODABResistive Mod.Adapter BoardN/AN/AN/A

Y4. DBA Spares

PLPI632KHBUNGKeyhole Bung for Testable MCP's, PI632 Issue 2N/AN/AN/A
SWSM0324/2/DKey Switch 2P2T (EBCO to NZS4512:1997, Key Removable)*N/AN/AN/A
BCOKEvac & BCO Key onlyN/AN/AN/A
HWCL6610#703Camlock, Lok-Saf 6610 16mm Keyed #703,2 Pos, 90deg, key rem both pos.*N/AN/AN/A

Y6. NZS4514 Compliant Products

F1-3 2WF1-3 2W Panel c/w Single Zone reversal relay boardN/AN/A
F4FS-3 2WF4 FS panel w/4 zone reversal relay boardN/AN/A
F4RS-3 2WF4 RS panel w/4 Zone reversal relay boardN/AN/A
FR1-FMResidential flush mount panel w/sprinkler input, NZS4514 compliantN/AN/AN/A
FR1-SMResidential surface mount panel w/sprinkler input, NZS4514 compliantN/AN/AN/A
FH1-FMHNZC flush mount panel w/sprinkler input, NZS4514 compliantN/AN/AN/A
FH1-SMHNZC surface mount panel w/sprinkler input, NZS4514 compliantN/AN/AN/A
FH1-BOFH1 Braile OverlayN/AN/AN/A

Y7. Microprocessors & I/C's

MI16F873A-04/SP-aF100 Master Board Loop Driver MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-bF100 Loop Extender MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-cF120 Loop Driver 1 Board MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-dAA Loop Relay Board MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-eAA Loop Responder Board MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-fF16e Display MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-gF4 Auxiliary Relay MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-hFan Control MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-iTransceivers MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-jTimer MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-kPSU Control Timer MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F873A-04/SP-lF120 Master Board Memory-'Program'N/AN/AN/A
MI16F874A-I/L-aF1/F4 Master Board MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F874A-I/L-bMini-Mimic MicroProcessor : N/AN/AN/A
MI16F876A-I/SP-aF16e Extender Board MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F877A-I/L-aMini-Mimic MicroProcessor : >v1.35N/AN/AN/A
MI16F876A-I/SP-bRS485 LED Board MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI16F877A-I/L-bF100 KeyBd/Display MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI68HC705C8A-aSGD-DBA MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI370C150AFNT-aF120 Loop Driver 1 Board MicroprocessorN/AN/AN/A
MI370C742AFNT-aF16 Master MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI370C742AFNT-bF16 Extender MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
MI370C759AFNT-aF100TMS MicroProcessorN/AN/AN/A
ICAT29C010A-90-aF120 Loop Driver 1 Board EEPROM-'Config'N/AN/AN/A
ICAT29C020-90PC-aF120 Master Board Flash EEPROMN/AN/AN/A