Tools and Test Equipment

Loop Cable Tester

Product Overview

The Pertronic Loop Cable Tester is a test set for loop wiring in analogue addressable fire alarm systems.

It is designed for validating new loop cabling prior to connecting a fire alarm control panel, and for testing and fault-finding loops on existing systems.


  • Separate power and load modules facilitate testing:
    • A complete loop, with both modules at the same location
    • Part of a loop, or a spur, with the modules at separate locations
  • Each module has a pair of clamps for bare wire loop connections, as well as a two-pin connector for plug-in loop connection
  • Power Module
    • Mains LED (Green)
    • Over-Current LED (Red)
    • Earth leakage pass & fail LEDs (Green & Red)
    • Mains power lead
  • Load Module
    • Four-position load select rotary switch
    • Continuity LED (Green)
    • Three-level loop check LEDs (Green): 100 mA, 225 mA, 350 mA
    • Loop check fail LED (Red)


Product Codes Description
LOOPTEST-KIT Loop Cable Tester Kit (2 modules complete with carry case)
LOOPTEST-POWER Loop Cable Tester Power Module
LOOPTEST-LOAD Loop Cable Tester Load Module
LOOPTEST-CASE Loop Cable Tester Carry Case