AFAM Terminal Installation Kit


Automatic Fire Alarm Monitoring Limited provide an economical system for wireless monitoring of fire alarm systems.

To implement this monitoring system, a Customer Terminal Unit (CTU) is connected to the fire alarm control panel. The CTU monitors signals from the panel, including the fire and defect signals. This data is transmitted over Vodaphone’s mobile data service to the AFAM message handling system, from where it is automatically forwarded to a fire service agent.

The Pertronic AFAM kits have all the parts needed to install an AFAM Customer Terminal Unit inside a Pertronic fire alarm control panel, including pre-made wiring looms.

Product Code Description
AFAMKIT-F4 Kit of parts for fitting AFAM-CTU to F4 Panels
AFAMKIT-F16E/F100/F120 Kit of parts for fitting AFAM-CTU to F16e, F100, F120 Panels