IP66 Evacuation Speakers


Horn speakers are great for broadcasting emergency warning messages in noisy environments. A good horn speaker is at least ten decibels louder than a cone-type speaker driven by the same input power, and you can aim a horn speaker to get the sound where it’s needed most.

Late last year we added two outdoor-rated 10-Watt horn speakers to our range of fire alarm peripherals. Both have tough UV-stabilised ABS housings, IP66 protection ratings, and adjustable mounting brackets.

The Bosch BCS-HS10E has corrosion-resistant metal components suitable for sheltered outdoor locations. It is recommended as a replacement for the ATC-10 and ATC-15 IP66 horn speakers.

The Altronics C2048 has marine-grade metal parts suitable for exposed outdoor locations, including areas exposed to salt spray.

Each of these horn speakers has screwdriver-adjustable transformer taps, making it easy to adjust how much power it draws from the 100 Volt audio line. The speakers have series blocking capacitors for compatibility with the fire alarm defect monitoring system.