New Dual-Vision Aspirating Detectors


The new FAAST XT and FAAST XS aspirating detectors expand the range of applications that are able to benefit from FAAST Advanced Dual-Vision sensing technology.

Designed for maximum sensitivity without compromising nuisance alarm immunity, the dual-vision aspirating smoke detectors from System Sensor USA feature a particle separator that removes large, non-fire particles, keeping the internal sensing chamber clean and extending the life of the replaceable filter. The software combines signals from two separate optical sensors (blue LED and infra-red laser) to reliably detect smoke as thin as 0.0015 % obscuration per metre.

This technology enables the top-of-the range FAAST XT to accurately detect incipient fire conditions as early as 60 minutes before a fire actually starts.

The new FAAST XS and XT detectors, and the mid-range FAAST XM, are ideal for Early Warning (EWFD) and Very Early Warning Fire Detection (VEWFD) and provide stable detection in harsh or extreme environments.

Addressable 7200BPI 8251BPI 9251BPI
Conventional 7100X 8100 9400X
Coverage 600 m² 1,000 m² 2,650 m² *
Pipe Inlets One One Four
Fan Speeds Three One Three

FAAST Dual-Vision product codes and descriptions.

* NZS 4512 restricts the zone area to 2000 m² or less, depending on site details.