New Pertronic Factory Opens Just In Time


Our new factory in Lower Hutt opened just in time for the coronavirus lock-down.

As an essential business on both sides of the Tasman, we had to keep going.

Fortunately our new factory, which had been under construction since February 2019, was completed just a few weeks before the lock-down was ordered. Many of our engineering, technical support, and administration staff were able to work from home. The combination of extra factory space, plus vacant space in the existing building, allowed the rest of our staff to easily comply with social distancing requirements.

DSC 2924cropped

Erecting steel framing for the new Pertronic factory

Our Lower Hutt expansion is intended to support sales growth in New Zealand and Australia, and to provide for our R&D department, which is expanding to meet the competitive challenges of export markets. The new, two-storey building has a steel portal frame with lightweight wall and roof cladding, and is positioned alongside the existing L-shaped factory. Our Research & Development and Technical Services departments now occupy the first floor mezzanine. The ground floor has factory space, a trade sales store-front and bulk store facing a new public entrance.

In late May our existing building's F100A fire detection and alarm system was replaced by one of the first NZS 4512-compliant Pertronic F220s off our production line. The original sprinkler system has been significantly enlarged, with new control equipment covering the whole site. We also installed a new diesel pump to boost water pressure for active sprinklers.

IMG 3530 900wide

The Fire Panel assembly area in the new Pertronic factory at Wingate, Lower Hutt

Pertronic Industries Managing Director David Percy commented, “In addition to enabling social distancing, the extra floor space will increase efficiency and accommodate further growth.”

The new building provides an improved working environment that provides for our company’s future needs. We sincerely thank our customers in New Zealand and overseas for their on-going support.

(Revised 12 June 2020)