New Pertronic Thermistor Heat Detector Replaces Bi-Metallic Detectors


New Pertronic Thermistor Heat Detectors will be released for sale in August. They are direct replacements for our V Series Indicating Heat Detectors.

The new product range features updated heat detection technology, housing design, corrosion resistance, and water resistance.

In place of the bimetallic discs used in previous detectors, the new detectors have thermistor heat sensors with better moisture resistance.

All models have encapsulated internal electronics. The weatherproof and alkaline wash resistant models have wire tail terminations.

The redesigned housing has a smooth dome-shaped outline concealing the thermistor and internal electronics. These new detectors are very well suited to installations where aesthetics are important.

Pertronic Thermistor Heat Detectors are available in standard, weatherproof, remote indicator, and alkaline wash resistant models. Each model is available in two versions, with fixed temperature thresholds at 57°C and 77°C.

A light-pipe LED indicator on the detector glows red for Alarm, or yellow if the detector is wired with reverse polarity. This is a useful aid for testing and service.

Pertronic Thermistor Heat Detectors are functionally equivalent to the V series detectors.

More Information: StandardRemote IndicatorWeatherproofAlkaline Wash Resistant