New Sprinkler Fire Brigade Alarm


The Pertronic Sprinkler Fire Brigade Alarm (SGDFBA) replaces the SGDDBA, with new features to improve performance.

The SGDFBA has a non-volatile memory and an anti-chugging event counter.

The anti-chugging counter is designed to overcome “chugging”. A sprinkler system is said to chug when the water pressure fluctuates repetitively while water is flowing through the sprinkler heads. The anti-chugging counter triggers an alarm after three pulses.

When the SGDFBA is powered down and restarted, the non-volatile memory retains the current ‘bell cut off’ (BCO) status. This is designed to avoid accidentally triggering the evacuation system during maintenance.

The new SGDFBA has a smaller cabinet, and the configuration settings are controlled by DIP switches.

Existing SGDDBAs may be upgraded to the new processor and firmware by installing a plug-in daughter board.

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