Pertronic Wins Wellington Gold Award for Product Development


Pertronic Industries has won the Research & Development category of the 2017 Wellington Gold Awards, for the successful development and launch in Australia of the F220 Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Wellington Gold Award Judges were impressed by the F220’s advanced architecture and features, and its commercial success.

The F220 development project involved a team of up to 12 engineers, with input from key staff who have direct experience of day-to-day reality in Australia. We designed the Pertronic F220 around a seven-inch (800 x 480 pixel) colour LCD display and a 456 MHz ARM9 processor with lots of memory. These core elements provide a solid foundation for innovative features such as the large easily-read display with a plain-language description identifying the exact location of the source of a fire alarm.

Pertronic Industries believes that the fire protection industry needs smart, dynamic manufacturers. The market continually presents new technical challenges, driven by demand for new kinds of spaces for people to live, work, and play. There is unlimited potential for individually tailored products. Exactly the kind of product Pertronic likes to design and manufacture.