Remote Mimic for F4 Panel


A remote mimic display is now available for our popular F4 conventional fire alarm panel.

The new F4-RMAX board interfaces the F4 panel with the Pertronic F100PDB12 LED mimic display. The mimic provides three flashing LED system indicators (Normal, Fire, and Defect), as well as four flashing zone indicators. The new board also provides additional Auxiliary Fire and Auxiliary Defect Relays.

The F4-RMAX board is compatible with all major F4 variants and options including the Type 5 Sound Control Board. It is available as a factory-fitted option on new F4 fire alarm panels.

The board is also available as a kit for field installation. To drive an LED mimic the F4 panel must have firmware version 5.02 or later, and master board version 5.05 or later. In older panels, the F4-RMAX board will not drive a remote mimic, however, it may be used as a drop-in replacement for the F4 Auxiliary Relay Board (F4AUXRLY, F4AUXRLYV2).

The connection between fire alarm panel and remote LED requires a four-core twisted-pair cable such as Pertronic SGDCI Mimic Cable.

Product Code Description
F4-RMAX F4 Remote LED Mimic / Aux Relay Module