Digital Audio Impedance Meter

Product Overview

The Digital Audio Impedance Meter (Q 2003) connects to a 100 Volt line and automatically displays speaker loading (Wattage) and AC circuit impedance.

To measure circuit impedance, the meter puts an audio tone on the 100 Volt line. The Q 2003 automatically calculates the speaker loading, based on the measured impedance. Both results are displayed on a 2-line backlit LCD display.

The meter also has a System Check mode. In this mode it puts out a 1 kHz tone, allowing the user to walk around the installation and check that all connected speakers are working. System Check mode automatically stops after six minutes.

It is usually impracticable to check a 100 Volt line with a DC multi-meter. With the speaker transformers connected via series capacitors, a DC meter will simply measure the "end-of-line" terminating resistance. It is quicker and easier to diagnose potential faults with an AC impedance meter like the Q 2003.

The Q 2003 features auto power off, a built-in charger for charging its internal NiCad or NiMH battery from an external 12 Volt supply, and a rugged hand-held case.

The Q 2003 impedance meter is a time-saving addition to the tool-kit.


  • Automatic AC (audio) impedance test
  • Automatically calculates speaker loading for a 100 Vrms line circuit
  • Backlit 2 x 16 LCD displays impedance and speaker loading (Wattage)
  • System Check mode for walk-around speaker system test
  • Auto-ranging, 1 Ω to 19 KΩ, suitable for up to 10,000 Watt total load
  • Single push-button operation
  • Low battery indication
  • Inbuilt battery charging circuit
  • Auto power off
  • Accepts commonly available 9-Volt batteries (including rechargeable NiCad or NiMH) (not supplied)
  • Supplied complete with two test leads
  • Compact handheld case, 117 H x 79 W x 33 D (mm)
  • Accuracy ± 10%
  • Compatible with fault supervision systems on typical fire alarm 100 V-Line systems
  • Also calculates speaker loading for 70 Vrms line circuit

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RB Q2003 Impedance Meter