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LTX-16 Decoder Driver Board - Discontinued Product

Product Overview 

Pertronic Industries' LTX Decoder/Driver (LTX-DDV) board is designed to provide status outputs for an LTX-8 or LTX-16 Alarm Transmitter via its Local Indication Port (LIP). The LTX-DDV board provides 40x250mA open-collector pulldown outputs, each mapped to a specific event. If interfaced to an LTX-8, a LTX-8 LIP Encoder Interface board is required.


  • Latching or non-latching operation (link-selectable)
  • Flashing or non-flashing outputs (link-selectable)
  • SGD Isolate optionally translated to Defect (link-selectable)
  • On-board visual indication for Global Defect and ATS Failure. LIP Poll Failure indicated via LED and external 12V pulldown output
  • Multiple LTX-DDV boards can be operated from a single LTX
  • SGD Fire & 16 SGD Defect (flashing)
  • Global Fire (flashing & steady), Global Defect (flashing & steady) and Global Normal (steady)
  • LTX-DDV Low Battery, LIP Poll Fail, ATS Poll Fail

      In addition to the standard mapping, the LTX-DDV board can be factory-configured to customer specification:

  • Mappable SGD status codes are Fire, Defect, Isolate, Test, Normal and Communications Fail
  • Mappable LTX status codes are ATS Fail, Low Battery, Mains Fail, Tamper and Door Open
  • Other mappable codes are Low Battery and LIP Poll Fail for the LTX-DDV board