Discontinued Products: Alerting Devices

SpectrAlert Advance™ Selectable Strobe - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

System Sensor's SpectrAlert Advance™ Selectable Strobe offers enhanced features that include the widest range of candela options available and the capability to recognize and self-adjust for either 12 or 24 volt operation. With an overall feature set that combines performance, installation ease, flexibility, and a consistent, aesthetically pleasing appearance, the SpectrAlert Advance Selectable Output Strobe device provides both the innovation and efficiency synonymous with the SpectrAlert name. Replaces the S1224MC.


  • Plug-in design
  • Same mounting plate for wall- and ceiling-mount units
  • Shorting spring on mounting plate for continuity check before installation
  • Captive mounting screw
  • Tamper resistance capability
  • Field selectable candela settings on wall and ceiling units: 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 95, 110, 115, 135, 150, 177, 185
  • Automatic selection of 12 or 24 volt operation at 15 and 15/75 candela
  • Outdoor wall and ceiling products
  • Outdoor products rated from –40° to 151°F
  • Minimal intrusion into the back box
  • Horn rated at 88+ dbA at 16 volts
  • Rotary switch for tone selection
  • 3 horn volume settings
  • Electrically compatible with existing SpectrAlert products