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AA High Sensitivity Duct Smoke Detector - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

DNRHS high sensitivity duct smoke detector provides very early warning of fires to protect high-value assets and mission critical operations from fire and the spread of damaging smoke through air management systems. The detector’s intelligent laser sensor can detect miniscule amounts of smoke flowing through duct work at air velocities from 1.524 metres per second to 20.32 metres per second — ideal for environments with high-velocity, high-volume air changes.

This product has been replaced by the combination of a DNR-AUS, fitted with a 7351-IV detector.


  • Includes 7251 laser-based high-sensitivity photoelectric analogue addressable smoke detector
  • Temperature range 0 °C to 38 °C
  • Air velocity rating from 1.524 to 20.32 m/s
  • 24 Vdc operation
  • Versatile mounting options: square or rectangular configuration
  • Patented sampling tube installs from the front or back of the detector with no tools required
  • New cover tamper signal
  • Increased wiring space with a 3/4-inch conduit knockout
  • Clear cover for convenient visual inspection
  • Remote testing capability (DCOIL included)
  • Easily mounts to round or rectangular ducts from 1 to 12 feet (0.3 to 3.7 m) wide
  • Sample tube sold separately

Click here to download the white paper: Duct Application Smoke Detectors