Discontinued Products: Detectors, MCPs & Modules

Intrinsically Safe Rate of Rise Detector - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

1151EISE Intrinsically Safe Ionisation Smoke detectors use state-of-the-art sensing chambers and SMD circuitry for maximum reliability. These detectors are designed to afford open area protection and are for use in hazardous areas where potentially explosive atmospheres are likely to arise (confirm classification of equipment required with your responsible authority).


  • Low profile design
  • Low current draw
  • Remote LED option
  • Two alarm LEDs providing 360┬░┬ávisibility
  • Stable performance in high air velocities
  • Removable cover for ease of maintenance
  • Simple plug-in installation
  • Compatible with standard B401 mounting base
  • Built-in test switch
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Suitable for use in up to Zone 0 environments
  • Approved for use with Zener safety barriers or galvanic isolators