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Loop Responder - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

The Loop Responder extends the Pertronic Analogue Addressable Automatic Fire Alarm system by providing an interface to conventional detector circuits. It is used primarily in Conventional Circuit ‘Smoke’ mode to interface zones of conventional detectors into Pertronic analogue addressable fire alarm systems, but may alternatively be used in ‘Switch’ mode to monitor interference switches of sprinkler valves, reading the fault and alarm status from FAAST ™ systems, or receiving commands from a SCADA system.


  • Controls eight 2-wire detector circuits
  • May be configured to operate in conventional circuit ‘Smoke’ mode or ‘Switch’ mode
  • Each ‘Smoke’ mode circuit may contain up to 40 System Sensor™ conventional detectors plus an unlimited number of Pertronic indicating Manual Call-Points and indicating Heat detectors
  • Provides one non-monitored change-over (NC-C-NO) relay
  • Using multiple Loop Responders, up to 64 conventional circuits may be installed on a single analogue loop 
  • Firmware is available to support NZS 4512:2010 / NZS 4512:2003 and NZS 4512:1997
    - NZS 4512:2010 / 2003 Conventional devices on a NZS 4512:2010 / 2003 Analogue Addressable panel
    - NZS 4512:1997 Conventional devices on a NZS 4512:2010 / 2003 Analogue Addressable panel
    - NZS 4512:1997 Conventional devices on a NZS 4512:1997 Analogue Addressable panel
    (Note: an open or short-circuit on a NZS 4512:2010 / 2003 Loop Responder produces a Defect, not an Alarm)