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Conventional Indicating Manual Call Point - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

Pertronic Industries' Indicating Manual Call Point is a high-reliability fire alarm activation device. Features include “Snapglaze” frangible element for improved user safety. Fully complies with NZS 4512:2010.


  • High reliability Fire Alarm activation device
  • 'Snapglaze’ frangible element for improved user safety (Patent NZ Number: 272427)
  • Fully complies with NZS 4512:2003 on 4-wire systems
  • Terminals accept up to 1.5 mm² cable
  • Bi-directional circuit connection terminals
    - either pair of terminals may be connected to the Fire Alarm panel
  • Red LED indication: the LED latches ON, when activated
    - de-powering the Call-Point resets the LED
  • The Call-Point clamps the circuit voltage at 2.3 Vdc
  • Compatible with 12V Bell reversal of F4-2W and F1-2W systems
    - for non-2W panels, reversal of the MCP causes a High Defect – the M-Level reached depends upon the number of devices on the circuit and the number reverse-connected