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FAAST Power Supply - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

The Pertronic FAAST Power Supply AUX24V-1.3A is a 24 Volt DC self-monitoring power supply suitable for powering ancillary fire alarm equipment including the FAAST range of aspirating smoke detectors. The unit incorporates a switched-mode mains power supply and an automatic voltage monitoring and battery test module.
The internal monitoring system continually checks the power supply’s output voltage and verifies that the batteries are connected. At 24-hour intervals, the monitoring system automatically checks the battery capacity. A changeover relay indicates when the monitoring system has detected a fault. A front panel LED provides local fault identification. The cabinet will accommodate a pair of 12-Volt sealed lead-acid batteries with a capacity of up to 12 Amp-hours. If larger batteries are needed, a Pertronic 4 Amp power supply (Auxiliary 24V-4A PSU) should be used. The power supply is supplied without batteries. The battery calculator on the Pertronic Industries website may be used to work out the size of battery needed for a particular application.


  • Temperature Compensated Output Voltage for Charging Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Mains on LED (green)
  • Auto Test LED (yellow)
  • Battery Fault LED (yellow). (Pulses when a fault is detected)
  • Continuously Monitors DC Voltage
  • Continually Monitors Battery Presence
  • Automatic Battery Capacity Test. (Once every 24 hours)
  • Internal RESET Switch:
    - Clears Fault Indications
    - Initiates a one-hour Battery Capacity Test