8 Way Common Relay Board

Product Overview

The 8-Way Common Relay Board may be used with F100A, F120A, and F16e panels, where clean contacts are required instead of open-collector outputs.

The board contains 8 single-pole Changeover (form C) relays, each of which is operated from the panel open-collector output.

The relay outputs may be isolated due to 'AUXM Isolate' or 'Bell Isolate' using inputs provided from the panel's 'AUXM' and 'BELL' outputs. Each relay has three jumper links (+, A, W) provided to select the desired mode. NOTE: Only ONE jumper can be inserted at a time for each relay.

A 10-pin IDC connector connects The relay board to the fire alarm panel's open-collector output.

The relay contact connectors accept flexible stranded wire up to 1.5 mm² (2.5 mm² solid).

To reduce wiring congestion, the connectors on the PCB have been arranged so that the wiring loom flows from the edge of the board, to the centre and out to the connectors. Two holes are provided for cable ties to secure the loom.