Weatherproof Call Point Stopper - Surface Mount

Product Overview

The Weatherproof Call Point Stopper (CPTST-WP) is a tough, transparent, polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over a manual call point. The product has a weather gasket that prevents the ingress of dust, grime and water.

In the event of an emergency, simply lift the cover to access the protected call point.


  • Prevents false fire alarms without hindering legitimate operation of a manual call point in the event of an emergency
  • Can be used as a guard against physical damage to a manual call point
  • Prevents ingress of dust or water
  • IP54 rating
  • Polycarbonate tested -40°C to 49°C

Ordering Information

Product Code



Call Point Stopper Weatherproof, STI-3150


Call Point Stopper Weatherproof with Siren, STI-1155