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Extinguishing Agent Release Panels


Extinguishing Agent Release Panels

Product Overview

Pertronic Industries offer a full range of extinguishing agent release products.

Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release Panels satisfy the requirements of AS ISO 14520.1–2009. The technology is built upon our proven fire alarm control panels (FACP) and the Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release Controller.

The Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release system is available with either the F100A analogue addressable fire alarm control panel, the F120A FACP for larger installations, or the F16e FACP for conventional detection systems. Each panel may be fitted with multiple Extinguishing Agent Release Controllers.

The Pertronic Agent Control / Local Control Stations and in-built display provide intuitive indication and control, with a highly visible ‘Time to Discharge’ display.

Extinguishing Agent Release Signage with fully configurable messages, visual options and an optional ‘Time to Discharge’ display, complement the product range providing unique, yet comprehensive solutions for all Extinguishing Agent requirements. 


  • Ease of use, installation, and maintenance
  • Built on robust and proven technology
  • Comprehensive system indication
  • Unique ‘Time to Discharge’ display
  • Full range of options and configuration
  • Dual Action Manual Release Switch
  • Designed specifically to meet the requirements of AS ISO 14520.1–2009      

Ordering Information

Product Code



F100A 2 Loop Suppression Panel FS with Agent Release Controller


F100A 2 Loop Suppression Panel FS with internal Agent Control Station


F100A FS 2 Lp 900mm Cab 4A PSU with Agent Release Controller


F100A 2 Loop 900mm Cab. FS with Two Agent Release Contollers


F16e 8cct LPFS 600mm Panel with Agent Release Controller


F16e 8cct LPFS 600mm Panel with Two Agent Release Controllers