Extinguishing Agent Release Systems

Agent Control Station and Local Control Station

Product Overview

Pertronic Industries offer a full range of products that provide cost effective yet powerful and flexible solutions for the Extinguishing Agent industry.

The F100A Extinguishing Agent Release panel has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of AS / ISO14520.1–2009. The technology is built upon the proven F100A Analogue Addressable panel and the Extinguishing Agent Release Controller which has been significantly enhanced to meet customer demands.

For larger installations, the Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release Controller, which is the heart of the F100A Extinguishing Agent Release Panel, is also compatible with the Pertronic F120A Fire Alarm Panel. Up to eight Extinguishing Agent Release Controllers may be fitted into each panel.

The Pertronic Local Control Station and in-built display provide intuitive indication and control, with a highly visible real-time ‘Time to Discharge’ display.

Extinguishing Agent Release Signage with fully configurable messages, visual options and an optional ‘Time to Discharge’ display, complement the product range providing unique, yet comprehensive solutions for all Extinguishing Agent requirements. 


  • Time to Discharge display
  • Auto-Release Disabled button / LED
  • Buzzer Mute button with Lamp Test
  • Agent Control Station (ACS): comprehensive (15) System Indicator LEDs
  • Local Control Station (LCS): concise (6) System Indicator LEDs
  • Auto Release Disabled’ LED
  • Integral Yellow ‘Extinguishant Release’ Manual Call-Point with frangible element
  • Flush and Surface Mount enclosure options
  • Up to 9 x ACS / LCS can be connected to a single Extinguishing Agent Release Controller 

Ordering Information

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Agent Control Station for AR System Surface Mount


Agent Control Station for AR System Flush Mount


Local Control Station for Agent Release Controller Surface Mount


Local Control Station for Agent Release Controller Flush Mount