Analogue Addressable Panels

2-20 Loop Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Overview

The Pertronic F120A analogue addressable panel is a sophisticated and versatile fire alarm control panel, designed for all installations that require flexible configuration and control functions.

The F120A complies with New Zealand Standard NZS 4512:2010 and with the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

Seismically Tested: Independent testing by an IANZ-accredited laboratory has verified that the Pertronic F120A meets the requirements of NZS 1170.5, the NZ standard for earthquake loading. The test used an earthquake simulation based on International Standard ICC-ES AC-156, Acceptance Criteria for Seismic Certification by Shake-Table Testing of Nonstructural Components.


  • Large 4 x 40 character back-lit LCD Display
  • 31-character programmable text message per address, zone, and various panel inputs
  • Precise identification of fire location with user-definable English-language text description
  • Programmable detector fire sensitivity settings and pre-alarm warning
  • Up to 256 physical zones
  • 2 to 20 analogue addressable loops
  • Up to 159 detectors and 99 modules (including manual call points) per loop: A maximum 3180 detectors and 1980 modules or MCPs
  • Compatible with the Pertronic network
  • Supports up to 64 outputs to the network and 128 inputs from the network
  • Daily ‘System Test’ of all detectors and battery
  • Loop input devices include detectors, manual call points (MCPs), loop responders, loop relays and modules
  • Loop relays can be configured as sounder, auxiliary, and door holder relays, etc.
  • User isolation of zones and individual detectors
  • Historical event log (999 events)
  • Configuration data may be entered through the panel menu controls or via the F120A Utilities personal computer application
  • Comprehensive front panel menu controls
  • Optional seismic battery bracket SBB-17AH
  • Independently tested and verified by an IANZ-accredited laboratory as compliant with NZS 1170.5, the NZ standard for earthquake loading

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Ordering Information

Product Code



F120A FS 2 Loop 900mm Panel 4A PSU


F120A RS 2 loop 900mm Panel 4A PSU


F120A FS 2 Loop 900x800mm Double Cabinet 4A PSU


F120RS 2 Loop 900x800mm Double cabinet 4A PSU


F120A 2 Loop in 900x800 Double Cabinet WITHOUT indexes with LCD window 4A PSU


F120A 2 Loop Panel in 28U Rack Cab 4A PSU


F120A 2 Loop Panel in 40U Rack Cab 4A PSU


F120A 2 Loop NZ Panel in 40U Rack Cabinet 12A PSU