Analogue Addressable Panels

Up to 20 Loops Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Overview

The Pertronic F220 is a modular, expandable, networkable, intelligent fire panel which displays the exact location of any alarm or other signal activation in a user-friendly format that streamlines the management of critical situations.

The F220 uses a 7 inch (180 mm) 800 x 480 pixel colour display to unmistakably identify the panel status. Red status bars and large easy-to-read text descriptors clearly identify the alarm mode. Defect information, device isolation information, pre-alarm conditions, walk test, ancillary and system information all have their own unique coloured display screens, providing comprehensive easy to use information for all users including fire brigade personnel, building managers, and service technicians.

Up to 133 F220 fire panels may be connected in a fast, robust, Pertronic Net2 Network system. A full range of LCD and LED mimics provide remote control and display capabilities for single panels or networks.

The F220 is compatible with the Pertronic FireMap® graphical user interface. Multiple event logs in the F220 provide all users with powerful diagnostic information.


  • Seven-inch 800 x 480 pixel TFT LCD colour display
  • Easily readable 5 mm text height on Alarm screen
  • Monitors and controls up to 3,180 sensors, and 1,980 input / output modules, manual call points, or addressable warning devices
  • Automatically identifies the exact alarm location
  • Colour-coded status and event display
  • Separate keyboard frees the entire screen area for display of fire system information
  • Auto-scrolling alarm view provides details of multiple alarms without user action
  • Evacuate button triggers a trial evacuation
  • Multiple panels may be connected in a high-speed, defect-tolerant Pertronic Net2 Network system
  • High-speed configuration file upload/download (less than 30 seconds) via Ethernet or USB memory stick
  • PC interface programming and interrogation with the user-friendly Pertronic FireUtils® application
  • Serial buses (RS-485) for interfacing to LCD and LED mimics and ancillary peripheral devices
  • Interface for phased evacuation system (“EWIS”)
  • Virtual detection makes best use of information from intelligent sensors to combine maximum alarm sensitivity and excellent nuisance alarm immunity
  • Specialised history logs retain critical information even after large numbers of minor events
  • User can isolate individual sensors, loop devices, zones, local buzzer, timers, logic blocks, and network inputs
  • Compatible with a full range of peripherals including sounders, strobes, audio-visual signs, amplifiers, speakers, audible warning and evacuation systems, and Ethernet and SMS (text-messaging) interfaces
  • Brigade transmitter Isolate and Test switches
  • A stand-alone Pertronic F120A system is easily upgraded to an F220 system
  • Large range of cabinet sizes
  • Customised assembly options
  • An F220 panel has been certified compliant with NZS 4512:2010 by an IANZ-accredited laboratory
  • FPA NZ listing number PI/125

Click to download the F220 & Net2 Version Compatibility Tables

Ordering Information

Product Code



F220 FS 2 Loop 900mm Panel 4A PSU


F220 RS 2 Loop 900mm Panel 4A PSU


F220 FS 2 Loop 900x800mm Double Cabinet 4A PSU


F220 RS 2 Loop 900x800mm Double Cabinet 4A PSU


F220 2 Loop Panel in 28U Rack Cab 4A PSU


F220 2 Loop Panel in 40U Rack Cab 4A PSU


F220 2 Loop Panel in 40U Rack Cab 12A PSU


F220 2 Loop in 900x800mm Double Cabinet; WITHOUT indexes with LCD window 4A PSU


F220 2 Loop in 900mm Cabinet; WITHOUT indexes with LCD window 4A PSU


F120 - F220 2 loop driver Mini Board V2.02 NZ SMD