Analogue Addressable Panels

F120 to F220 Upgrade Kit

Product Overview

The F120 to F220 Upgrade Kit (F120TOF220KIT) includes the components needed to convert an existing NZS 4512-compliant Pertronic F120A analogue addressable fire alarm control panel to an NZS 4512-compliant Pertronic F220.

The kit includes mounting brackets and hardware for installing the F220 keyboard + display into an existing Pertronic 900 cabinet or Pertronic double-door cabinet.

However, the F220 requires a larger window in the outer door on 900 and double-door cabinets. If the F120A outer door is not replaced with an F220 outer door, some mandatory indicators will not be visible when the door is closed.

When upgrading an F120A system in a 900 or double-door cabinet, it is necessary to order a new outer door. On front-service systems in these cabinets, it may also be necessary to replace the index.

Please contact Pertronic support engineers for advice on converting the F120 panel configuration programme to the F220 format and to clarify door and index requirements.



  • F220 masterboard
  • F220 keyboard + display assembly, NZ
  • Left-hand F220 keyboard + display mounting bracket
  • Right-hand F220 keyboard + display mounting bracket
  • Mounting hardware for keyboard + display assembly
Please Note: The F220 keyboard + display fits the standard F120A rack cabinet. When upgrading an F120A in a Pertronic rack cabinet, it is not necessary to replace the keyboard mounting plate.

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F120 To F220 Upgrade Kit - Masterboard LCD Brackets excl. Doors