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SGD8 2-Wire Multidrop

Product Overview

The SGD (Signal Generating Device) is a digital transmitter designed to provide the transmission interface between fire alarm systems (PFA's including DBA's) and an LTX-2, LTX-8, or LTX-16 alarm transmitter provided by NZ Telecom.

The SGD8MD can be powered by the local PFA (or DBA) power supply or by the LTX. When the SGD is powered from the local PFA supply, only 2 data wires are required to be connected to the LTX. The SGD8MD differs from other SGD units because it has an isolated on-board DC-to-DC converter which enables it to operate with DC supplies where the +ve or -ve terminals are connected to earth. 

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SGD8 2 Wire Multidrop


Loom for SGD8 in F4 or F16E


Loom for SGD8 in F100 or F120