F120A & F100A Network

Network Control Unit

Product Overview

Pertronic Industries' Network Control Unit (NCU) allows remote display of messages from the Pertronic Analogue Addressable panel network.

The Network Control Unit allows full and direct control and interrogation of any individual panel on the network by communicating directly with the control panel and mimicking that panel’s display. It can monitor or control all of the control panels across the entire network site by performing the same functions as the individual control panel keyboard-displays.

Each Network Control Unit must be connected to a dedicated network card (NETCD-NCU) and will operate in ‘Full Duplex’ mode. The NCU can operate as a stand-alone display unit remotely from the panel or it can replace the panel display and be mounted within the panel itself. 


  • Large graphics LCD display with backlighting
  • Three LEDs to indicate ‘Fire’, ‘Defect’ and ‘Normal’ status
  • Three Network status LEDs to indicate ‘Fire’, ‘Defect’ and ‘Normal’ status of remote network panels
  • Local buzzer with external buzzer output
  • Low Power consumption

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Network Control Unit (NZ) in F120 Full Function Mimic