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Sprinkler Fire Brigade Alarm Type X

Product Overview

The Pertronic Sprinkler Fire Brigade Alarm SGDFBA monitors one or more sprinkler-activated switches. In the event of a sprinkler system activation, the Sprinkler Fire Brigade Alarm generates a fire alarm signal and triggers an evacuation.

To call the fire brigade, the SGDFBA sends a fire alarm signal to an ASE, CTU, or NAD transmitter via an RS-485 link using the LTX/SGD protocol.

To trigger an evacuation, the SGDFBA activates its SPR MON output, which signals a sprinkler activation to the fire panel.

The SGDFBA may be powered by the transmitter. Alternatively, it may be powered from an external 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc power supply.

Internal software provides accurate detection of Fire and Defect conditions, while rejecting brief pressure surges due to nuisance conditions such as water supply maintenance work. This includes a mechanism to address sprinkler system chugging, where cyclic water flow and pressure variations may occur after sprinkler head operation.

An optional Display Relay Board provides clean contact outputs for Fire and/or Defect.

The Pertronic SGDFBA is approved and listed on the sprinkler register.


  • Automatic latching of the Fire signal
  • Powered by either the monitoring transmitter or a local power supply
  • Interfaces with the transmitter via RS-485 using LTX/SGD protocol (standard or multi-drop)
  • Transient surge rejection algorithm
  • Anti-chugging pulse counter
  • Sprinkler operated local buzzer (piezo sounder) output
  • Front panel LED indicators for Fire, Defect, and Normal
  • External BCO (Bell Cut Off)
  • Internal BCO
  • External Defect input
  • Anti-Interference input
  • Test and Isolate switches
  • Latching Defect indication
  • Door Closed alarm

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