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Advanced Automatic Fire Detection Systems
FAAST Product Range

FAAST aspirating smoke detectors deliver early fire detection for excellent protection in diverse environments. - Click here for more details.

PipeIQ® 2.0

PipeIQ is the all-in-one system design, configuration and monitoring software for FAAST aspirating smoke detectors. - Click here for more information on FAAST products.


The Pertronic FAAST Power Supply is suitable for powering ancillary fire alarm equipment including the FAAST range of aspirating smoke detectors. - Click here for more details.

FireMap Graphics

Pertronic FireMap™ Graphics adds 21st century management and incident response capabilities to all fire alarm systems. - Click here for more details.

Extinguishing Agent Release Product Range

Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release devices deliver safe, effective, monitoring and control of extinguishing systems - Click for here more details.

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