Building Product Information Requirements

Building (Building Product Information Requirements) Regulations 2022

Pertronic Industries Limited (Pertronic) manufactures and imports fire detection and alarm systems and related devices that may fall within the scope of class one or class two building products or building product systems.

Relevant Building Code Clauses

Clauses C1-C6 and F7 are relevant, as appropriate, to Pertronic's manufactured and imported products and product systems.

Product Contribution to Compliance

Listed and exempt Pertronic products will contribute to compliance with relevant building code clauses by having current product compliance certification to NZS 4512NZS 4515NZS 4541, or, to a referenced normative standard therein, where required, and when applied in accordance with these standards or in accordance with an acceptable solution. Any limitations or design requirements relevant to class two designated building products will be specified in the applicable standards or, in the product documentation available on this website or, on the prepared quotation. Products which may be limited in their application by compliance with a specific standard edition should have their listing and standard edition consulted for specific guidance.

Product Installation and Maintenance Requirements

Product installation and maintenance requirements are as per applicable standards NZS 4512NZS 4515NZS 4541 and the product datasheet, installation note or manual(s) that are available on this website.

Building Act 2004 Section 26 Statement

Pertronic's manufactured and imported products are not subject to a warning or ban under section 26 of the Building Act 2004.

Manufacturer & Importer Details

Manufacturer/Importer Pertronic Industries Limited
Address for service 17 Eastern Hutt Road, Taita, Lower Hutt, 5019, New Zealand
Public internet site
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NZBN 9429040846637