PS2 Sounder

Pertronic Apartment Sounder

PS1 Sounder

Pertronic Sounder

PS1400 Sounder

Pertronic Sounder PA400 Tone

PLS Lamp Sounder

Pertronic Lamp Sounder

PSBAS2220 Sounder Base

Analogue addressable detector base with built-in sounder

CWSO-RR Sounder

Conventional audible alarm device. Configurable alarm signal, with a choice of 32 recognised signals. Suits 12 volt and 24 volt systems.

PS189 Gasket

Seal for use with deep CWR or CWW base for IP65 protection rating.

SSM Bell

Motor-driven bell suitable for the supervised Bell circuits on Pertronic fire panels, and other signaling applications

ZMB24V Monitor Board

Optional board for Pertronic fire alarm control panels. Allows independent activation of one or more bell circuits