ORB-HT-51151 Detector

Intrinsically safe conventional heat detector with 77°C fixed (static) temperature threshold (BS EN 54-5 Class BS)

ORB-OP-52028 Detector

Intrinsically safe conventional photo-electric smoke detector (BS EN 54-7)

22051EISE Detector

Intrinsically-safe analogue addressable plug-in photoelectric smoke detector

AALR-MF Loop Responder

Multi-Function Loop Responder

IST200E Module

Interface module for connecting Y72221 galvanic isolator & 22051EISE detectors to a Pertronic analogue addressable loop circuit

KFD0-CS-EX-1.51P Galvanic Isolator

Single channel galvanic isolator for use with conventional MCPs, fire and smoke detectors located in hazardous areas

Y72221-L4 Galvanic Isolator

Galvanic isolator for analogue addressable IS detectors. Pepperl & Fuchs type KFD0-CS-Ex1.54-Y2

ISMTL5561 Detector Interface

Dual interface with galvanic isolation for use with conventional MCPs, fire, heat and smoke detectors located in hazardous areas


Interface for connecting a galvanically-isolated detection zone to a Pertronic conventional FACP (F1, F4, F16e), or Loop Responder


Transparent hinged plastic cover for Euro Style manual call points, to reduce false alarms caused by accidental MCP activation


Intrinsically safe conventional manual call point with back-box. Suitable for surface or flush mounting


Intrinsically safe IP67 weatherproof conventional manual call point with back-box for surface mounting

ORB-MB-50018 Base

Base for Orbis intrinsically-safe plug-in conventional detectors