TESTMAG Test Magnet

Telescoping detector test magnet and pickup tool with LED light

OSP-002 OSID Laser Tool

This tool clips into the eyeball on OSI/OSID beam smoke detectors. It produces a red laser beam showing the detector beam's target

FISP Programmer

USB Flash In-System Programmer


Test key for Pertronic testable manual call points

IMPEDMETER-MK2 Impedance Meter

Hand-held automatic audio impedance meter w. speaker load (wattage) display for 100 volt lines incl. fire & evacuation systems. Rechargeable

CP500 Programmer

Handheld Programmer for Analogue Addressable Weatherproof Detectors

S300RPTU Programming Unit

300 Series - Remote Hand Held Programming Unit

ECO1000RTU Laser Test Unit

Remote laser test unit for System Sensor 300 Series detectors

Smoke Pen

Smoke Pen

SMOKEPR Refill Pack

Smoke Pen (6 Sticks)

SMTEST Detector Tester

Smoke detector aerosol tester (spray-can)