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LTX-8 LIP Protocol Encoder - Discontinued Product

Product Overview

The Firetronix LTX-8 LIP PROTOCOL ENCODER is a utility board that converts the LTX-8 opto-coupler output of connected firealarms to an RS485 datastream having the same protocol as the Local Indication Port (LIP) of an LTX-16. This makes it possible to use the same LIP monitoring equipment for new systems using the LTX-8 as that used for LTX-16 based systems.


  • Encodes SGD, Benecoda and SAFE PFA connections to the LTX-8
  • Uses the isolated opto-coupler interface from the LTX-8, giving complete electrical isolation
  • LED indication for receiving and transmitting data
  • Opto-coupler output activated by ATS “Poll Lost” conditions