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Remote LED Mimic / Aux Relay Module

Product Overview

The Pertronic F4 Remote LED Mimic / Aux Relay Module F4-RMAX is an optional extra for the Pertronic F4 conventional 4-zone fire alarm panel. This board enables the fire alarm panel to drive a remote LED mimic display over an RS485 communication bus.

Installing an F4-RMAX adds three extra features to the F4 fire alarm panel:

  • Serial port for a monitored remote LED Mimic
  • Additional two-pole changeover Auxiliary Fire relay
  • Additional two-pole changeover Auxiliary Defect relay

The F4-RMAX is compatible with F4 fire alarm panels fitted with version 5.02 or later firmware, and version 5.05 or later F4 master boards.

The Auxiliary Fire relay is normally de-energised and operates when any circuit activates into a Brigade Calling Alarm.

The Auxiliary Defect relay is normally de-energised and operates when any fault occurs.

The F4-RMAX board may be fitted in a Pertronic F4 panel that also has an F4 Type 5 Sound Control Board, provided the panel master board is Version 5.05 or later.


  • Interfaces an F4 fire alarm panel to a Pertronic remote LED mimic
  • The LED mimic is monitored via the RS485 serial bus 
  • Two-pole change-over (form C) Auxiliary Fire and Auxiliary Defect relays
  • Auxiliary Relay Isolate switch

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Remote LED Mimic/Aux Relay Module