Fire System Programming

FireUtils® v6.00.01.00 Fire System Programming and Diagnostic Application

Product Overview

Pertronic FireUtils® is a computer application that makes it easy to configure and analyse Pertronic F220 fire alarm control panels, the Pertronic F220/Net2 Network, and Pertronic F120A fire alarm control panels.

FireUtils® allows users to:

  • Create, modify, upload, download, analyse, and debug panel and Net2 Network configuration files
  • Import configuration information from a spreadsheet or CAD programme via csv
  • Import history logs for analysis and diagnostics
  • Control a fire alarm control panel from a connected PC
  • Export data reports in several popular formats

A project file in FireUtils® may include multiple F220 fire alarm control panels, some or all of which may be connected in a F220/Net2 Network. The project may also include multiple stand-alone F220 and F120A panels.

FireUtils® displays configuration data in matrix-based editing grids. The grids provide separate tables for editing analogue addressable loops, zones, timers, groups, system events, fan control blocks, deluge control blocks, logic blocks, AAF/ADF units, auxiliary outputs, LEDs, and network inputs. With a few mouse-clicks, users can insert, modify, and move large numbers of loop devices and other objects, within or between loops.

Pertronic FireUtils® can read or write all configuration files for a complete F220/Net2 Network, including all networked panels, over an Ethernet connection to a single Net2 network card. The FireUtils® Service Mode Window makes it easy to see and control the process of configuring or upgrading a Pertronic Net2 Network.


  • High-speed Ethernet transfer of configuration files
  • Single point update of complete F220/Net2 Network configuration including all panels and network cards
  • Upload times for typical networks:
    - 34 nodes: Less than one minute
    - 130 nodes: Less than five minutes
  • Imports configuration data from a csv file
  • Network Service Mode Window provides step-by-step monitoring and control of the network configuration update process
  • Graphic display of cause and effect logic
  • Matrix-style grids for editing and moving loops, zones, timers, groups, system events, fan control blocks, deluge control blocks, logic blocks, auxiliary outputs, LEDs, and network inputs
  • Configures time and date throughout a Net2 Network
  • Creates and manages custom loop devices
  • Configures Net2Cards as FireMap or BMS (Modbus) interfaces
  • Converts F120A configuration to F220
  • Network Mapping Manager
  • Control panel keyboard-display simulator
  • Imports configuration files from an existing F220, Net2 Network, or F120A for upgrading or analysis
  • Imports panel history logs
  • Exports reports in pdf, Excel, and Word formats
  • Up- or down-load F220 & Net2 Network Card configuration via Ethernet
  • Up- or down-load F120A & F220 config via RS-232


FireUtils® is designed for use on laptop or desktop computers. It may be too big to download to your phone.

Ordering Information

Pertronic FireUtils® is available free to authorised customers.

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