FireMap 3.0 Comes With Advanced New Features Including Maplink


Pertronic Industries are pleased to announce the release of FireMap 3.0, a new version of our economical fire system management application. FireMap 3.0 includes features and improvements that users, installers, and maintenance contractors have been asking for.


Maplink is a powerful new feature that provides instant access to any type of information, including photographs of an area, photos of special hazards, contact information for fire wardens, or safety datasheets. Maplink allows users to set up clickable links identified by coloured hotspots on site maps or floor plans. A link can bring up a photograph, a scanned text document, even another floor plan or map.

Improved Communication

Internet outages can cause real trouble for remote systems. If FireMap can’t communicate with a remote fire alarm panel, the user may not be aware of an alarm situation. That’s why FireMap 3.0 signals a comms outage with an audio warning signal and a big red icon that’s more dramatic than the old yellow icon.

Another new feature in FireMap 3.0 is the automatic refresh facility, which minimises the impact of comms dropouts. When communication is restored after a dropout, FireMap 3.0 automatically refreshes all current events, keeping connected FireMap workstations synchronised with the fire alarm systems they monitor. The refresh facility can also be operated manually.

Error Management

FireMap 3.0 collects and displays more detailed information about fire alarm panel defects. As well as keeping track of defects on the analogue addressable loops, FireMap 3.0 logs a range of generic panel defects.

FireMap 02

Event logging in FireMap has also been improved. FireMap 3.0 has a new, dedicated log for non-fire alarm system errors such as loss of communications. This is separate from FireMap’s application log, which tracks normal activity in FireMap 3.0, and the history log, which tracks fire alarm system events. Each log can store up to 500,000 events.


Simple, straightforward installation and configuration have always been central to FireMap’s design philosophy. In FireMap 3.0 we have made things even simpler.

A simple tick-box interface streamlines software installation. In addition, FireMap 3.0 automatically assigns text identifiers to new FireMap workstations as they are added to a system, eliminating a lot of tedious keyboarding. The default terminal identifiers can be modified. But for most new installations, the automatically-assigned identifiers are perfectly adequate.

Experienced users will notice faster backup and restores in FireMap 3.0, thanks to an upgraded internal database.

FireMap 3.0’s new features streamline and enhance all aspects of fire system management.