New High-Sensitivity Smoke Detector Meets Stringent New Test Requirements


Welcome to the first issue of Pertronic eNews for New Zealand. Pertronic eNews will carry stories and information relevant to New Zealand Fire Protection Industry Professionals.

This month we are very pleased to announce the introduction of a new high-sensitivity analogue addressable smoke detector. The 7351 Pinnacle™ High Sensitivity Smoke Detector has been designed to meet stringent new requirements for nuisance alarm immunity under the latest edition of UL268, the American standard for smoke detectors. UL268 edition 7 requires smoke detectors to tolerate smoke from a cooking test, while responding to smoke from real test fires, including smouldering and fast-flaming polyurethane foam.

The 7351 Pinnacle™ satisfies these tough new requirements.

In addition, the new detector's optical sensing chamber is more resistant to the entry of insects than previous System Sensor detectors, and with the new design insects are less likely to cause nuisance alarms if they do manage to get in. Extensive testing of this new chamber design to verify improved resistance to insects was conducted by System Sensor in collaboration with the University of Trieste (Italy).

The 7351 Pinnacle™ is up 25 times more sensitive to smoke than a standard photo-electric smoke detector.

This detector is currently available in white. The matching base is the B501AUS-W. An ivory version of the new Pinnacle™ will be introduced later in 2019.

The 7351 Pinnacle™ complies with the requirements of NZS 4512 section 216.2. It is a direct functional replacement for the 7251 Pinnacle™. For standard sensitivity applications, the appropriate detector is the 2251BPI.

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