Galvanic Isolator Interface for use in Hazardous Areas

Our new Galvanic Isolator Interface provides an effective solution for detection in hazardous areas.

The Pertronic ISGAIFNZSSAP Galvanic Isolator Interface connects one galvanically-isolated detection circuit to a conventional detection zone. It may be used with the Pertronic F1, F4, F16e, and the Pertronic loop responder.

The interface is compatible with intrinsically-safe Orbis conventional smoke and heat detectors, and the KAC intrinsically-safe manual call point (MCP3A-R000SF-K013-01IS). Inserted between the panel or loop responder and the galvanic isolator, the interface performs two functions. It compensates for level changes introduced by the galvanic isolator; and it translates signals from intrinsically-safe devices to trigger the appropriate response in a Pertronic conventional detection zone. 


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