120W Amplifier

Product Overview

This amplifier is designed for use in emergency evacuation systems. It is powered by an external 24 Vdc (nominal) power source.

The amplifier accepts line level audio inputs and produces a 100V line output via a transformer.


  • Line level input is provided using the Pertronic EVAC Generator to generate Alert tones, Evacuation tones and voice messages as specified by NZS 4512
  • Capable of driving up to 120 Watt (EVAC120W24V) or 250 Watt (EVAC250W24V) in to connected 100 Vrms public address loud-speakers
  • The 100 Vrms output line has short circuit, overload and thermal cut-out protection
  • Bolt-in steel chassis construction enables direct mounting in Pertronic fire alarm control panels or ancillary cabinets
  • Amplifier status (Normal, Fault and Activation) is monitored by the fire alarm panel’s EVAC generator

Ordering Information

Product Code



Evac Amplifier 120 watt 24 volt (no tone generator) A1930A