Product Overview

The EVAC50PREA is a daughter board designed to enable connection of a ‘Public Address’ (PA) or ‘Fire’ microphone to the Pertronic Industries 50W Amplifier.


  • Easily connected to the 50W Amplifier by plugging it into two connectors on the 50W Amplifier. No separate power supply or connection is needed
  • The microphone input is balanced for maximum noise immunity, and is designed for moving-coil microphones
  • Input for ‘Push to Talk’ (PTT) switch 
  • Line Level input (100 mVrms) for pre-amplified signal, e.g. for use with a remote microphone , or in a noisy environment
  • Jumpers are available on the board for selecting the amplifier’s operational mode: ‘PA’ or ‘Fire’ microphone
  • Output Level control potentiometer

Ordering Information

Product Code



Pre-Amp (Mic I/P) for EVAC50W24V Amplifier