Preamp Board

Product Overview

The Redback A2055 Pre-amplifier module may be used to boost the input level to the Pertronic 50W Amplifier Pre-amp board; it is used in situations where the microphone is connected at distances too great to operate at microphone-level input or where the microphone input is feeding more than four (4) amplifiers.

The Redback A2055 Pre-amplifier contains a selectable balanced / unbalanced microphone input, and two aux inputs.

The Redback pre-amplifier output may be connected directly into the 50W Amplifier’s Pre-amp ‘LINE’ input.

The Redback pre-amplifier may be powered from the panel’s 24 Vdc monitored supply, or from a remote 15 Vdc to 30 Vdc supply. It is recommended that the panel’s supply be used because it is monitored.