Audio Distribution Module 2-Way

Product Overview

The Pertronic Audio Distribution Module (ADM-2) creates a pair of independently supervised (monitored) 100 Vrms audio lines (channels). This module simplifies the provision of two separate audio channels covering one area or evacuation zone. A system built with an ADM-2 will continue operating even if one channel develops a fault.

The built-in fault monitoring system continuously supervises the 100 Volt output lines for open-circuit or short-circuits, irrespective of whether the system is broadcasting an evacuation message, broadcasting non-urgent audio such as background music, or idling with no signal.

Available as a complete product mounted in a PMB125 enclosure (ADM-2-PMB125), or as a PCB only, without case (ADM-2).


  • Simplifies installation of audio evacuation systems by providing duplicate supervised audio channels
  • A short circuit on one channel will be isolated allowing audio transmission over the other channel
  • Superior 80 Watt per channel switching capacity
  • Powered from analogue addressable loop or separate 24 Vdc power supply
  • Earth connection for screened cable on the 100V-line
  • Local fault LEDs display existing (steady) or historical (flashing) faults, including separate S/C and O/C indicators for each channel
  • Fault relay with form C clean contact
  • Reset switch allows historical fault indications to be cleared
  • Built-in analogue addressable loop isolator disconnects the loop if it develops a short-circuit
  • User selectable End of Line input resistor to suit amplifier specifications
  • Compatible with Pertronic Evac amplifiers, and amplifiers controlled by the Pertronic EVAC Generator
  • Compatible with third-party equipment including the Tyco QE 90 EWIS and the AMPAC EV3000

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Audio Distribution Module 2-Way (Printboard Only)


Audio Distribution Module 2-Way Mounted in PMB125 enclosure