A1720 MP3 Tone Generator & Message Player

Product Overview

The  MP3 Tone Generator & Message Player (A1720) provides custom programming, tones, messages or music.

It allows up to 8 custom MP3 tracks plus standard alert and evacuation tones. A library of commonly used tones, messages and phrases are provided on a Secure Digital (SD) memory card. Custom MP3 tones, music etc may be added as desired.

The SD card is preloaded with 8 standard tones, including bell, bing bong, siren and pre-announcement chime, plus Australian Standard alert and evacuation tones.

Alert tones can be automatically switched to evacuation tones after a set period (adjustable between 30 and 240 seconds).

Playback for each track can be activated by a closing set of contacts. Contacts may be configured between alternate or momentary action. This can include or exclude alert & evacuation tones as desired. Cancel contacts are provided to stop playback of tracks.

A switched 9 Vdc to 24 Vdc output is activated when any message is active (The output voltage depends on the input voltage).


  • Custom tracks
  • Inbuilt tone & phrase library
  • 9 to 24 Vdc operation @ 300 mA
  • SD card included
  • All connections made via screw terminals
  • Provision for voice over in evacuation mode

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A1720 MP3 Tone Generator & Message Player