WIP Phone GD0001 (Altr A2096)

Product Overview

The Fire Phone Intercom is designed specifically for use as a warden intercom point (WIP) in emergency warning systems (EWS). The intercom is used for communication between floor wardens and the main emergency evacuation panels. When the handset is lifted, the Fire Phone Intercom automatically calls the emergency evacuation control panel. When the emergency evacuation control panel calls the WIP the call tone sounds through the speaker in the body of the phone. Lifting the hand set automatically transfers sound from the phone body speaker to the handset speaker.


  • Selectable line impedance 600 Ω or 4.7 kΩ
  • Separate speaker for call tone
  • Simple two wire connection
  • SSL approved, complies with AS2220
  • Includes wall mounting bracket
  • Call tone 80 dB 1 W / 1 m
  • Frequency response 300 Hz – 3 kHz

Ordering Information

Product code
WIP Phone GD0001 (Altr A2096)
WIP Phone Surface Mount Enclosure