Pertronic Sounder

Product Overview

The Pertronic PS1 Sounder is a fire alarm sounder that connects to the bell output of a fire panel. When supplied with dc power of the correct voltage and polarity, the PS1 generates the evacuation and alert tones as specified in AS 2220.

The PS1 can also be used to generate an alert signal compliant with NZS 4512:1997.

The PS1 fits standard single-gang flush or surface mount electrical back-boxes.


  • AS2220 evacuation and alert tones
  • 95 dBA @ 1 m output sound level with 20 dB adjustable volume control
  • May be mounted in standard single-gang flush or surface-mount electrical fittings
  • Supplied with a protective plastic cover for installation during building construction
  • Available in red or white
  • Control input for optional remote tone selection (Evacuation or Alert)

Ordering Information

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Pertronic Sounder Flush, Red


Pertronic Sounder Flush, White