Remote Vibrating Alarm System

Product Overview

Pertronic Industries' Remote Vibrating Alarm System aims to alert and wake sleeping residents in the event of a fire alarm. It is aimed at those who may be hearing impaired and may not respond to normal auditory alerts. Operating as a self-contained system, it allows wireless communication between the fire panel and remote individual units located in bedrooms, which activate a vibrating bed-shaker unit placed under the pillow or mattress, to alert residents for immediate evacuation.

Batteries not included. The master and slave units are supplied without batteries. Each unit requires a 12 Volt 0.7 Ah gel type lead-acid battery. 


  • Provides a cost effective solution for installations such as small/large residential homes, dormitories, rest-homes and student accommodation
  • Can be used with all current Pertronic Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Wireless communication allows ease of installation and maintenance with up to eight (8) Vibrating units easily added or removed from a single system 
  • Wireless range is > 50 metres unobstructed, but is dependent on building structure 
  • Small, robust case design suitable to be placed under or beside a bed, away from obstruction
  • Simple user interface allows fast system status checking and fault diagnosis
  • Main unit status is monitored by the Fire Panel, raising a defect if the system fails
  • Vibrating unit has ON/OFF switch and Strobe drive output for optional external strobe
  • Automatic and Manual Test button to provide peace-of-mind and ensure the vibrator functions correctly

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Remote Vibrating Alarm Receiver Unit


Remote Vibrating Alarm Main Transmitter Unit


Vibrating Pad with Lead & 2 Way Plug