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Vesdanet PC High Level Interface

Product Overview

The Vesda High Level Interface (VNX-0200, VHX-0210) links a VESDAnet system with a personal computer (PC).

By interfacing with PC monitoring and configuration tools, the high-level interface (HLI) allows a user to easily configure, manage and monitor a VESDA network.


  • Direct access and monitoring of a VESDAnet system
  • Seamless data transfer between VESDAnet and PC
  • Easily configured using Xtralis configuring and monitoring software packages
  • RS232-interface (For VSM, V-Config & VSC Software)
  • VHX-0210 includes modem support for remote notification & interrogation
  • Supplied with PC to HLI interconnecting cable
  • Supplied with HLI to VESDAnet interconnecting cable

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HLI Vesdanet PC High Level Interface


Vesdanet PC Link (VSM3 VConfig Protocol Modem Support)