Analogue Addressable Detectors

Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector

Product Overview

The 5251BPI heat detector measures the temperature in their surroundings, and continually report this temperature measurement to the fire alarm control panel. The panel will initiate an alarm condition if the temperature measurement goes above the alarm threshold, which is defined in the panel configuration.

Heat detector addresses are easily configured during installation, allowing the panel to identify the exact location of the source of an alarm.


  • Low standby current
  • Stable communication technique with noise immunity
  • Configurable heat sensitivity
  • Rotary decade address switches, 1 to 159
  • 159 detectors per loop (panel dependent)
  • Dual red indicating LEDs for 360° visibility
  • Remote indicator LED accessory accessory
  • Complies with the requirements of NZS 4512: 2010, s. 216


Product Code Description
5251BPI Analogue Addressable 57 °C Heat Detector excl Base
5251BPI+B Analogue Addressable 57 °C Heat Detector with Base