Analogue Addressable Detectors

Black Colour Detector Cover Kit

Product Overview

The Coloured Detector Cover Kit allows detector colour to be changed to match décor.

It is available in black BCK-200B and white WCK-200B.

The detector cover may be used with the base cover or with a coloured detector base.

Fits the following analogue addressable detectors:   

  • 1251BPI (Ionization)
  • 2251BPI (Photoelectric)                
  • 5251BPI (Fixed Heat)
  • 5251RBPI (Rate of Rise Heat)

Fits the following conventional detectors:

  • 2151BPI (Photoelectric)

The detector cover does NOT fit: 

  • 2251CTLE-34-IV (Photo, Thermal, CO & IR)
  • 22051TLE-34-IV (Photo Thermal & IR)
  • 2251TMBPI (Acclimate, Photo & Thermal)
  • 7251 (Laser Based Photoelectric)